[Archive] I dont want a new CD range!


whoah there, hang on and I’ll explain.

First up, apologies if this has been said before.

I’m not sure I want GW to bring our curly beards back into the fold. As some of you will have seen I’m currently blogging my own mission to find and paint a big hat army, and thats just it…find.

Part of the attraction was the rarity of chaos dwarf armies these days, that kinda elite feeling y’know?

Secondly the chase!, having to put a bit of effort into building the army, I can’t just walk into GW and buy what I want. I’ve had to bid on ebay, negotiate on Bartertown and deal with friends. Its made me love my army all the more. Those of you converting your own CDs will not have this but instead will have the time and skill put into each mini which will probably make you love them even more.

Thirdly the community, this is without doubt the friendliest warhammer forum I’ve ever used. Theres a real sense of camaraderie you just dont get anywhere else and thats probably down to the way chaos dwarfs are the “cult” army in WHFB.

I’m probably exaggerating when I say I don’t want a new range but I’d hate to lose what I have. For my army to be viewed like 5th Ed dark elves and CDs to become just another WHFB army galls me.

Am I talking rubbish?


Well said, but some form of recognition would be nice from gw. And maybe a little more publicity


For me the attraction of Chaos Dwarfs is the potential for practicing my sculpting and painting to create a striking force. If GW brings them back then great, I may get new stuff if it’s like the Hellcannon crew, but I’ll still convert BfSP Dwarfs, heh. I can certainly understand your point of view, and having an uncommon army will be nice as I tend to play Chaos in Warhammer 40k, but I reckon more ‘publicity’ as it were will be a good thing to revitalise the army.


Searching high and low for OOP models, and converting an army would still be possible if they brought out a new range?? For the rest of us the army would be easier to convert (if it was needed) and would turn out a lot nicer in the end.

Old models would probably go up in price a lot, for those nostalgic about the hats.


A new range goes hand in hand with a new army book.

There won’t be one without the other.

I take your point, but I really want a new army book…


personally i’m hoping that when they brign back CD they will use some of the old range.

the bull centaurs, hobos and CD hero/lord are good sculpts. The rest probaly needs to be redone though


I agree on some points.

Yeah I love what I have made for my CDs to date and they will be afforded a higher degree of respect amongst my other armies. This to me is also sort of a bad thing. Now I cant imagine I’m the only one to experience this sort of behavior, but I have played in several stores where your models aren’t always safe.

Occasionally you play that young kid who thinks its alright to pick up your models and take a closer look of their own. At which point you feel like doing what their parents havent been able to do and back hand some sense into the brats (thats how I feel atleast).

I once witnessed this group of teenage wankers come into a store, go up to this kids model carrier, and start pulling out his stuff. They laughed at how lame they thought it all was, and threw it back into the carrier. Had that been me, and it was a newly converted earthshaker they pulled out for example, I would have broken every bone in the hand that touched it!!

Now this might not be as bad as what everyone else experiences on this forum, but for me its an unfortunate fact of life. Models break, one way or another, and if its broken by someone’s carelessness it incites me to violence. When my other models break, ones that have come off a range, its frustrating but less so than when CDs bend and snap.

The community is good because its not very big. The only people on here are the ones dedicated enough to actually creating their own CD army from scratch. Everyone also seems to share a sense that we need to represent CDs to the best of our ability. This creates the aforementioned camaraderie, where everyone shares ideas to make for better CDs. No other army in warhammer is as unsure of its future as we are, so other forums don’t have that element that makes CDO so special.

The problems are that the two CD forums I know (CDO and HoH) aren’t very large. Some people are registered on both, and comparatively few are regular posters. To GW this indicates that remaking CDs would be a gamble, almost as much so as making a new army all together and hoping it builds enough fan base to sell well. The way things are today, I’m not sure GW would be comfortable making that leap.

A new range for CDs cant make everyone happy, none ever do. However, its the only way GW would likely make a new book for CDs. I don’t see them making a new book unless there are models to go with it. If thats what it takes to revitalize the army then I am all for it. It does suck to think that you will essentially become just another army, but unless they get a new model range and book I can’t see the CDs surviving any extended amount of time. Before you know it we are mentioned only in passing, like the empire of Cathay…

/end essay


To GW this indicates that remaking CDs would be a gamble, almost as much so as making a new army all together and hoping it builds enough fan base to sell well. The way things are today, I'm not sure GW would be comfortable making that leap.

I always find in interesting when people think GW will base its sales predictions on the current CD fanbase (which is only small because we collect an army that never had a real armybook, and has been unsupported since RH).  To GW CD would be a new army, to 99% of the buying public it would effectively be a new army.

I agree they would have to be VERY comfortable taking a leap with a new army atm.  With profits/ sales the way they are, they are sensible I guess to stick with what they know will sell.  When they turn the corner and start making decent profits again (2010 probably), they really should consider a completely new army for warhammer.  It would add yet another facet to the warhammer world, and with sufficient hype could be a big seller (everybody wanting to collect an army that is brand new).

I seriously doubt GW would consider involving the current CD community in the book, or even pay us any attention whatsoever. Certain armies/forums have done well in the past with the design team because of contacts people have (like the Druchii inspired update of the DE list), the updated FAW of some armies, or decent campaign fluff. Added to this, GW appears to have killed all external playtesting.


I always find in interesting when people think GW will base its sales predictions on the current CD fanbase (which is only small because we collect an army that never had a real armybook, and has been unsupported since RH). To GW CD would be a new army, to 99% of the buying public it would effectively be a new army.

I just meant that becasue CD have a fan base doesn't make GW anymore comfortable with recreating them. Being that we are such a small fraction of players I doubt they could get a good prediction of sales from us even if they wanted to.


You’re coming from the premise that GW engages in Market Research and analysis. They might in the future but I’ve yet to see that they do. In the past GW did whatever popped into their collective brain(s) or (lack thereof) at that moment; highly unlikely that will happen now that they are a publicly held corporation.


I honestly think that CD would be massively popular if GW pitched them right. Everyone loves an evil army, and most people I know have a soft spot for dwarfs.

I love the old range of miniatures but, as its been said before, was the main thing holding it back.

As for what starscream said, the lack of support from GW has made me love Chaos Dwarfs more, as it gives us a much larger creative lisence and people tend to notice more when you pull out your CDs (although some derogatory comments ensue). Just give us a WD update, that’ll keep us going


The main reason I started them was the conversion opportunities. The other reason was pure outrage that they did Ogre Kingdoms instead of Chaos Dwarfs, although I’m not actually that fussed about getting a new book now, I prefer making stuff up and using the RH rules or the Dwarf list.

GW do still use some people in playtesting, I know some guys from Druchii.net were testing the Daemon and DE rules, both fluff and in-game mechanics. Admittedly they are a much larger community for an established army, while we are a bunch of twirly-bearded eccentrics :slight_smile:

The fact that CD keep appearing in various army book’s fluff makes me think they at least have them in mind. Its just a question of waiting for the right moment when circumstances favour a new army, rather than polishing established ones.

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

that’s ture all these people have been without a new army for what seem’s like for ever but thay’ve been so long that thay have started to make there own andit shown’s so much passion and conmitent they have but still GW haven’t made a new army for them so the question is would you like a new army to take over your great converted one?


Frankly its been so long since GW did any good models, I shall be sculpting and converting most of any new armies I do. My Slaanesh Daemons will be all sculpted/converted apart from the rank and file Daemonettes. GW seem to have lost their decent sculptors (probably due to their outrageous rights-grabbing). The new Dark Elves have been thoroughly disappointing apart from the Cold One, and even that is just ‘nice’, and don’t even get me started on the Vampires. So, they would really have to pull their fingers out to get me to buy any new CD range.


I don’t need a new miniature range, because they probably wont fit with the rest of my CD army, but I want them to bring a new range, because that will mean that we get our book


Chaos Dwarfs is a case of not listening by GWs part. We wanted an army they wouldnt do it, so we did it for ourselves…

That is not our fault either, if GW made CD models I’d buy them (and modify them if I didnt like the look), rather then having to go through the lengths I am forced to now.

Of course others will have different takes on it. As recently reiterated in the other thread I will be watching this thread carefully. If anyone has things they disagree with, fine. However do so in a manner consistent with the Mission Statement of CDO.

Hashut’s Blessing:

This topic HAS been started before. I just typed all of this out and it didn’t post, so forgive me if it’s not that good. First of all: a new range wouldn’t make your models redundant. if you collect big hats, you still could. If you like to convert your models, there’d be nothing stopping you. It’s not as though GW rip away your models or ability to obtain models when they bring out a new range. We’d also get a book, don’t forget. As for all of this stuff about the community being better than elsewhere, it’s entirely unrelated to the fact we collect CDs. DoW are in the same situation as us, don’t forget. The reason our community is good, is because we’re all generally nice. We are noce to EACH OTHER because we met each other playing CDs and are nice.

End of the day, a new range isn’t likely to be coming out any time soon. Even if it did, you then have a new army book, your home-made/collected army and the option to buy more easily obtainable/cheaper (barely)/different models. It hasn;t got a downside, except for the fact that the rulebook might omit a unit, but that’d be a problem with a new book coming out, not the range…

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

but maybe no one in GW play with CD and it’s just us so if we’re the only ones there not going to listen for example no one in GW would say “oh my CD are out of date let’s make some more” but they have left it for so long that it is only us collecting it but we don’t back down and still fight i don’t collect CD but i’m willing to fight who’s with me :smiley:


The best solution is to never give up! Keep CDO out there and in the forefront promote it everywhere. Wear your t-shirts! Etc.

Kera foehunter:

yea !!! now you guys are more like pirates Yaaaag.let drink and go fight something.