[Archive] I made a video!


I took a hiatus from anything film-related while I was finishing up my degree. I graduated in December, so I figured it was time to get my feet wet again! I made this video over the course of the previous month and just finished it today. Feel free to watch and comment! :cheers


Kera foehunter:

That great !! love it Ryan …you did a great job and it very cool that it was a family project

Goltor Lintrepide:

That’s a nice video you did there!!! Really like the skunk story and the goat one is so sad. Bravo!


Thanks, guys! I’m thinking about doing either a lovecraft story, or something from the SCP foundation: SCP Series - SCP Foundation


Hashut’s Blessing:

Not yet finished (my laptop’s struggling to buffer it up), but it’s a really nice piece, with good use of music and angles to create movement. If you ever end up in England and need an actor, hit me up :wink: I can do voice-overs too :stuck_out_tongue:

How long did the piece take you to make?


Thanks! I’d love to go to England if I ever could. :smiley: I think it took me about 3 days of shooting (not sure how many hours), and about 5 days of editing.


My vote is in for something creepy and lovecrafty!

I wrote a Lovecraft-style script about a decade ago, and am planning on putting a little project together this summer - a spooky piece tentatively titled ‘The Idol’ which should be fun to do (mostly as a way for me to get less rusty at compositing in After Effects, and trying out some new gear).

Nicely done!


I’m wanting to do my own version of “The Terrible Old Man”. I have a loose idea of a screenplay and just need to start writing out some concrete dialog. The original story is here: The Terrible Old Man by H. P. Lovecraft My version gives a bit more backstory on the three criminals. If you want, I can post the screenplay here when its ready. :cheers


That would be great! I have seen an adaption of 'The Terrible Old Man which was made by Bob Fugger ages ago, and thought it was pretty fun.

The more Lovecraft-inspired stuff out there, the happier a guy I am!

Hashut’s Blessing:

Going to make a thread for collating our film-making endeavours off the back of this so we don’t steal your page.

Only just commenting on the rest of it now, but I managed to watch it after a few more minutes of buffering - such a hard hitting and poignant thrust from an entirely unexpected angle (and the fact I didn’t expect it is an amazing feat in itself as most plots are really clear to me and those that aren’t crystal, at least are not surprising - but this genuinely was) and then nicely brought back up to prevent people finishing it on a devastating note without breaking that hard won emotional investment. Extremely finely done, sir.


Thanks for the kind words! I’m really excited to keep trying some new things and different genres…

Hashut’s Blessing:

Glad you find them kind, but I was honestly just being truthful, lol.

Thanks for bringing me in on a scripting project - I’m not so grand at writing them, but editing is something I can do.

(Remember, any time you need an additional voice over, I got a mic and recording software, lol :smiley: )