[Archive] I need 1 only 1 bull centaur!


Hey there, I’m a lurker here for a long time, and I just started fixing up my old 5th edition army to the new army book stats. BUT I have only 7 bull centaurs.

If anyone has 1 to spare me, I would be very happy. I have paypal if that helps.

I don’t have much CD stuff to trade, but I do have empire, chaos daemons, Clan War and Confrontation minis to trade. Please let me know


if it helps, try to mailorder hthark the unstoppable, blood bowl star player… he should still be available and is a nice addition to the set


GW mail order still do them (so i’m told), ring them and ask.


Thanks for the offer on Hthark, but he’s my bsb in the unit, using some crafty cutting and repositioning. I live in the US, does US mail order still put out the metal CD’s?

Hashut’s Blessing:

Mail order stopped doing the bull centaur models when the bits order section stopped functioning. Could always remodel a second H’thark to be the unit champion. Alternatively, try eBay and if you can only buy them in a gorup, do so and sell the rest on.