[Archive] I need a vanilla Dwarf wizard...fast!

Blue in VT:

Howdy all!

I’m looking to get a vanilla dwarf wizard to paint up for the January painting contest over at Bugman’s Brewery…I would prefer one of the old Marauder or citadel figures ( I really like the guy with the frog!)from the late 80’s or early 90’s…or possible Grimdalf…the Hasslefree Dwarf wizard. If anyone has one they are willing to part with please let me know.

I’m located in the US and would prefer to keep things on this side of the pond just for the lack of time to get this model finished…but am willing to consider other offers as well.

I have paypal and the the figures seen in this album for trade fodder: http://s91.photobucket.com/albums/k285/csabick/Trade%201/




I see them at ebay most of the time, but they dont go cheap. good luck hunting one down (:

Da Crusha:

if you have time to wait gw still sells one in a set