[Archive] I need help!


I have just found an item on ebay that I need for my collection,

But the seller will not send to Australia… he will only send to USA!:mad

So I was wondering if anyone honest with high rep that lives in USA would allow me to get it sent there and then I pay for them to post it to me??


Will no one help me?

I am willing to give the person who helps me a bit extra cash for there troubles… Is $10 enough? If not ask me for more.

PLEASE somebody help me I really dont want to miss out on this item.


What is the item?


Thanks for the help, But I have managed to bribe the seller with some extra money :cheers

I will reveal the item tommorrow after I have won it :hat off


The auction was for 3 box sets

1.Warhammer Arcane Magic

2.Warhammer Armies Chaos

3.Chronicles of Warhammer