[Archive] I Need some Advice

Mad Dave:

Hi Guys

Im currently in a Campaign (100 years War or something)@ my local Club

Im using my Mad Hatters (chaos Dwarfs) as my main attacking force.

Im about to invade a terrortry and its owner Plays Dirty Scummy Empire primaryly.

the thing im mostly worried about is the fact that hes builds his armys around Big units EG Steam tank and possibly the new war alters & Shrine and he has the 2 new charcters the master hunter and da witch hunter.

To be quite frank im not sure how to deal with them, so any tatics advise or what units to field would be great.

Pts for the game is upto 2000pts.

Only sorta units i dont have is hobgoblins ive got all the other core units and lots of warmachines like death rockets, hell cannon, iron daemon etc.


well if it is only 2k, you are worrying about a lot of units that i don’t think he would be able to field. If he does, he will have lots of points invested in few units… Smash with artillery and clean up anything that gets through with some infantry


As Brotsorrow says, 2k doesn’t go far with the new Empire. If he brings a WAltar, a STank and the +1 to hit wagon, he’s not going to be bringing many troops or big guns.

Deathshriekers are the best choice of war machine here, as they can kill the wagons/STank with Demolition shells and still kill his infantry with incendiaries.

Mad Dave:

artillery all the way then!! :hat off and a couple of deamon smiths.

Cheers guys! :cheers