[Archive] I think we need clarification from Forge World on the "Blazing Body" rule


I love my destroyer as much as the next guy, but this rule needs clarification further than the FAQ.

I actually think the not wounding on 6s thing is a bit of a misinterpretation so I always let my opponents wound my bale taurus and destroyer on a 6. Here’s why. The FAQ says the following…


Q. The K’daai Destroyer and Bale Taurus have the Blazing Body special rule.

Are they always wounded on a roll of 6?

A. No. as stated all non-Magical attacks suffer a -1 To Wound penalty against the K�?Tdaai and the Bale Taurus.

I think they are saying the rule for “Blazing Body” doesn’t mean the creature is always wounded on a 6 but it means that non-magical attacks suffer a -1 to wound penalty. I know it sounds silly but I think the FAQ needs clarification.

If the latter is correct and 6s don’t always wound with “Blazing Body” in the very least they need to do away with this. -1 to wound is okay but to a maximum of 6s to Wound. I am so tired of hearing complaints about the Destroyer in my local community that I have stopped using it altogether for fear of my army being banned locally.

Forgeworld, please do us all a favor and change the rule so it caps out a making 6s Wound. It will go a long ways towards making the army much more widely accepted.


I thought the FAQ confirmed the ruling that 6’s cant wound for strength 4 or lower? Unless it was updated. I’ll check my FAQ in a minute.

EDIT: After a quick confirmation. The FAQ seems clear

-They are not always wounded on a 6
-Magical Attacks against a model with Blazing Body do NOT suffer a -1 penalty to wound.
-Non-Magical attacks suffer a -1 to wound penalty therefore: Strength 4 or below require 6 to wound normally so with -1 they can not woound it. Strength 5 wound on a 6, Stregth 6 wound on a 5+ and so on

It does seem slightly overpowered at first but every army has access to:

strength 5 infantry(great weapons)
magical attacks(banner/spell)
poison(auto wound on 6)
all of the above

Tell your opponents to man up and figure out how to stop a Destroyer. It’s not actually that hard!

The Besieger:

1 Is not a Forge World rule.

Check Great Taurus in the Storm of Magic.

2 Even Forge World is clear about the -1 to wound rule.

Also there is no rule in warhammer fantasy about auto wound on 6.

3 Nor GW or FW need change this.:slight_smile:


There is no stopping the Destroyer, muahahahahah

Thommy H:

Yes, it’s too powerful. No, it’s not unclear. So it’s a bad rule, but there’s no doubt about how it works.


It’s irrelevant, as mine always kills itself anyway.

Time of Madness:

The FW FAQ ruling is clear in my opinion. They are not always wounded on a 6.

In my opinion and they way the game is now headed it should be always wounded on a 6 (like anything else in the game).

Time of Madness

The Besieger:

Last 3 weeks i played for the first time with a k’daai Destroyer in my army.

Before i never used him in my army.

I played 5 test games.

In 2 games he killed his self because the toughness test and the unstable rule.

In the 2 other games my opponent killed him.

In 1 game he survived with 2 wounds left.

Even because this he was good , but not overpowerd.

Every army have acces to kill him.

From chars with Magic weapon or a wizard in his magic face

to units with magical attacks.

And units with 2  handed weapons to posion attacks.

There are 101 tricks vs the k’daai destroyer.

When the blazing body -1 to wound rule vs none magical attacks is overpowerd.

Then the etheral special rule must be insane overpowerd.

Ps : not that i have a problem with etheral special rule.

Also… i dont check my opponent army where i can yell overpowerd. :slight_smile:

I will check where and how i can beat him next time.


You cant normally poison the destroyer. If you need 6’s to hit or wound, you can’t use (heroic) killing blow, or the poisonous quality. So yeah, heroes might be able to hurt him, but witch elves are in trouble.


You cant normally poison the destroyer. If you need 6's to hit or wound, you can't use (heroic) killing blow, or the poisonous quality. So yeah, heroes might be able to hurt him, but witch elves are in trouble.

Poison works against the destroyer.

You roll a 6 to hit and the destroyer is wounded (unless the ward save is made). Jobs a good 'un.

The blazing body rule has no effect on the to hit roll




True… I got mixed up again.

Grimbold Blackhammer:

When I mentioned Poison, I was actually thinking of Skinks shakes fist at the sky

Grimbold Blackhammer