[Archive] I want this as Chaos Dwarf Mount


I saw this mini. I don’t really know who makes it, I am guessing it is up-and-coming Forge World Griffon. I would really love to mount my Chaos Dwarf Lord on it.

What do you guys think?


Could look impressively evil!!

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Too much like a griphon…replace the head with a Lammasu one and I’d take it!


A head swap would sure make a difference!

I like the Lammasu, but not really as a mount. Too me, the head seems to ‘humanize’ or ‘dwarf-ize’ them enough to make them seem to be smart enough to not want to be bothered having someone chained to their back telling them what to do.

I think it looks good as it is, but a creepy insect-like head would look cool… or maybe a carnosaur head? - or a fanged taurus-like head would look good?

Although, the more I think of it, a ‘pollution mutation’ mount would be a pretty cool idea.


a nice mini, make it a very nice mini, why not? :slight_smile:

as taurus ore lammasu whits wings and changeable heads?

that would look very nice!

Ishkur Cinderhat:

I saw this mini. I don't really know who makes it, I am guessing it is up-and-coming Forge World Griffon.

It's Theodore Bruckner on his demigriff, available from Warhammer Forge for quite some time now.

I'm not sure if Bruckner comes off the saddle or if the legs at least are not already sculpted onto the body cast; if you want to exchange the hero against a Chaos Dwarf you might need to remove the legs first. But I'm not sure. The demigriff sure is a very nice looking model!


Cool, I wast one, i neeeeeeds it.

For my humies not me stunties.

(sorry about all the goblin talk, I’ve been around my larper friends to much recently) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


A CD mage or preist lord in blue and purple robes would rock on that.

Waste Rider:

Obelix mentioned wings, my idea would be to find some that fit - painted in an “evil” scheme - big gaping white eyes

and you’d have a formidable Giant Vulture-thing to proxy as a Lamassu or Great Taurus… a creature I’d expect the Dark Lands to harbor.


change the head and put some wings on it and it will make a nice lammassu


Its a cool model, but I have a hard time seeing it “Chaos Dwarfified”, though Id like to see some WIP if you go for it… :slight_smile: