[Archive] i want to make a lamassu


i’ve seen the lamassu that was made for older editions, but i would rather convert one that looks more like the lamassu from mythology.

(forgot which one)  it has more of a human head and feathered wings.

What model should i use as a base?

Please help!

Hashut’s Blessing:

I would say that you could use either the original model as a base, the taurus model, possibly a bull centaur model or the Great Stag model. Then, attach eagle/hawk/greater daemon of Tzeentch wings and a large head, e.g. human-esque bloodthirster head/giant head etc.


Well first, I’d get my hands on some premium cuts of Llama meat, tenderized and preferably marinated in a nice rich sauce, then you’ll need some vegetables… oh, wait, lamasu? Not Llama stew…? Pity…

Well, there was a cool idea floating around awhile back about using the new High Elf Lion drawn chariot as a base model. I picked up one just in case but I haven’t done much with it yet. Maybe someone else has?