[Archive] I wish I knew how to sculpt


There is always something you really struggle to do a good job on (unless you are Grim or Ishkur) what is the most problematic thing for you to sculpt and why (N.b. - I left scale mail and beards off because they’ve been pretty comprehensively covered by Grim and Xander, thanks Guys)

Kera foehunter:

i would say faces :s how can you have a great army when you guys faces look like this:shy:

baba yaga:

yep, faces are hard to model effectively as you can easily see the mistakes


i say weapons.

sculpting onto a model isnt easy, and takes quite a bit of practice, with detailing etc, but the overall shape of the thing is pretty solid, if doing a conversion or using an armature. sculpting weapon blades/hafts etc from putty is an arduous process in my opinion, involving lots of ‘dry’ work, filing and sculpting a dried hardened piece of putty.


i have a problem making cloaks look good. they look flat and fake and not nice when i try em.

Pyro Stick:

Why isnt there an everything option?

Kera foehunter:

well pyro i think there is one now .


I can’t sculpt anything to save my life, but if I could make anything, it’d of course be the hats. They say you can measure a chaos dwarf by the size of thier hat, after all. :XD



Hm, unfortunate that there is not an “anything” option. However, I suppose that chainmail and cloaks aren’t too bad. Weapons I’m not really worried about, as those are easy to just convert. Plate armour I haven’t really tried yet, but I’m pretty sure it would be difficult to get right. That leaves bodies and faces, and since I’ve only tried to sculpt faces so far, faces it is! I need some kind of magic sculpting tool that sculpts the image that’s in my head automatically. That way I could just look really hard at something and it would become cool.


Bodies in preportion i reckon for me not tried it yet.Anything actually however i am slowly learning :hat


i know im not any master of sculpting at all, but the one bggest tip i can give is to think of sculpting like you wold of drawing. always take the basic shape first and wait till thats right before you even think about the details. proportion is the most important thing when sculpting. smooth edges and detailing will just come naturally with practice after that.


I cannot sculpt cainmail to save my life

I seem to be okay with everything else, i like to think of faces as my speciality :stuck_out_tongue:

I seem to get all the organic features of a model, but im not good at armour and weapons


chain mail is ok once you figure out the technique. start with the bottom rung and press in with the tip of a mechanical pencil. from there, work your way laterally making the very edge of each new “ring” slightly overlap the last one. the next row up make sure you start on the opposite end and work your way back for the full overlapping look.


Why isn’t there an option for hands?


- Kyte

Kera foehunter:

W O W hands i think is harder to do than a face good one Kyte


Yeah hands are really hard to do, thats why i cheat and use GW ones! :stuck_out_tongue:

Uzkul Werit:

Anything. No really. Everyone on this site puts my scuplting to shame.


Anything. No really. Everyone on this site puts my scuplting to shame.

Uzkul Werit
Your not the only one there. My paintings is pretty good I feel, should be I've been doing it long enough. Sculpting though is something very new for me.

Kera foehunter:

Come on guys you both have skills!!

Pyro Stick:

I tried to turn a bfsp dwarf into a chaos dwarf. I would describe it as the worlds most non epic conversion ever. Im hoping the paint job will help to distract everyone from its non epicness. I thought the hardest part to sculpt on it was the face. It looks stupid with big fish eyes etc.