[Archive] I wish I knew how to sculpt

Uzkul Werit:

I’m more of gamer than a painter anyway. Just slap some purple on it and its done.

Kera foehunter:

Awwwuuugggggg.WHAT DID YOU SAY!!! just slap some purple on it and it done.

come on army’s are not one color


unless your trying to paint 1:72 scale SAS, which is really difficult because everything big enough to be modelled is just plain black.

just about to go attempt to sculpt an orks face, so lets see how easy this is compared to a human or a dwarf!


Why isnt there an everything option?

Pyro Stick
Because as I said in my first post, the object is to see what people find most difficult to sculpt. If I put an everything option then we would have had a lot of very boring posts and not a lot of advice changing hands. The idea for this thread was that people could pick up and dispence advice to other users and hopefully find solutions to their own sculpting difficulties
Why isn't there an option for hands?

Forgot about hands... indeed they are tricky, not sure they're trickier than faces though. I use the "mitton" method myself, but I've see better ones - I just don't have the skill to pull them off yet. My vote went to plate armour, but I may have a new method which I will trial and get back to you on

Kera foehunter:

off topic .to ask this 1 question . Does anyone sculpture ther figure hands.


Occasionally. I’m trying to teach myself how to sculpt, and its going slowly. The plan eventually is to start to sculpt, cast and produce my own armies. At the moment I make hands by making a “mitten” of greenstuff and then adding details like fingers and nails using a needle. Works OK, but I’m looking for a better method


i absolutelty hate doing hands. if its a conversion im doing and not an original sculpt i will quite happily fish through my bits box for suitable pair.


Thats what I do I must admit but sometimes its easier than getting a converted weapon to line up properly


Faces seem the most difficult thing to sculpt for me.


Yeah faces are a pain, check out Ebob it has a pretty good tutorial

Kera foehunter:

i also think pouches, back packs and small icons are hard

Ghrask Dragh:

here you go Kera, courtesy of Games Workshop.


I think you have the best method for hands already AGPO, Ebob has a great tut’ on faces and a very good website.


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CoolminiorNot have some of the best tutorials around…



Oh and I know it’s nothing to do with sculpting but this is my fav’ tutorial on there…


Kera foehunter:

thanks sweety! i can use that.


Great thread loads of advice enough for me to finish my lamassu statues bighat and make jugger pulled ziggurat for my anvil ,thanks to all(i can take a break from arrow painting):hat


Usually i just use plastic hands, but if needs must i do the same as AGPO and use the 'mitten method’

That sculpting thing was…shivers, was that nude model really necesary?:sick

Ghrask Dragh:

Would anyone be interested in a ‘sculpt our own model’ thread?

The idea is from the OgreStronghold, the plan would be:

*chose from a number of concept pictures (from own designs to pics we found on the internet) which model we would all like to sculpt.

*once this is chosen a step-by-step guide from armature through to accessories will be posted every 2 weeks or so (time for updates obviously negotiable). You can post pics as you work on each step to get any advice you might need and ultimately we would all post pics of each finished step before we all move on to the next one.

*we all end up with the same model at the end of the project.

Anyone can join, the overall aim would be to improve peoples sculpting skills and this would NOT be a competition.

This would only be a side project to our Chaos Dwarf armies, so the steps would have to be simple and the time should be reasonable. If you would like to join you would have to be sure you could manage to finish each step by the required time so we don’t have to wait too long for updates and the thread doesn’t just dry up, I personally work alot so I would not be able to complete one step a week which is why the time I posted above is negotiable to try and suit everyone. Also bare in mind if you have loads of time you will have to execpt others haven’t and be patient for updates.

The concept would have to be simple enough for amateur sculpters but relevant to Chaos Dwarfs so they are useful to the more gifted sculptors.

I would hope that the more gifted sculptors would also join in so that they can give advice and help to people who might need it.

If anyone would like to join post here, also if anyone has better ideas on how to run this thread please post. The idea did burn away over at the Stronghold but we have more frequent posters here and I think people would really like to improve their sculpting skills as it is almost mandatory for our army :hat, I think it might work for us.

That sculpting thing was…shivers, was that nude model really necesary?:sick

laughs yes it was!


Thanks for all those links Ghrask. The sculpt your own mini thread idea sounds great! I think it’d be really useful if we could compile all the sculpting help into a seperate thread. For instance - groms tutorial on how to make weapons. It’d be a great feature for the main site and might advertise CDO if other people are looking for helpful advice.

Kera foehunter:

i like the idea too (nude models) just kidding guys .That would be cool if we could do this

since we do the best conversions ever!!


Yeah im in for it!

It would make a change for me sculpting something ENTIRELY from scratch, i just hope it gets off the ground!

I can also help with the concepts if you want ghrask


Maybe if a trial works we could try the idea for a golden hat