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its been about a year since i painted my last army of bighats but considering i thought these came out pretty well . they are for sale on ebay at the moment - so check them out if youre interested. its a shame i have to part with them but as i dont play warhammer theres not much point in keeping them when someone else could be getting some real use out of them. feedback and comments on colour schemes / basing/ painting etc would be appreciated


So… You want advice… I’d say keep them and start playing!


- Kyte


Seriously don’t. I’m in somewhat the same boat: I paint far more then I get to play. Find some people to play against. There has to be some, somewhere around you. Great way to meet new people.


Impressive!! With the money you get you can build another army! :smiley:


thanks for the deathrocket idea xander ! i might play games one day but at the moment

A) i dont know anyone to play against (when i was younger i had my bro and next door neighbours to play against i used to play necromunda, man o war, epic, warhammer quest, wfb and wh40k but nowadays no1 )

and B) i dont really have the time i am trying to begin a career in visual effects for film and its quite time consuming

one day when i am settled ill get back into it and start some tournaments

Pyro Stick:

The winter there is a cool idea. I might try it out on a unit like for what i do with my Wood Elves. 2 bids allready! �101! Nice one.


thanks man. i might be doing some woood elves soon ill show u when they r done


I’ve got winter wood elves, all painted by my wife. We’d never seen another one until the 7th ed rulebook came out, seen a few since then.


i like the old celtic style wood elves they r much cooler with braveheart style body paint FREEEEEEEEDDDDDOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM


Another great santas Chaos dwarf army there mate

My wood elves are painted oldstyle well the ones i managed to paint before 7th ed came out ,havent painted any since then but i have now the conversion bits��to make them wysiwyg.

Chaos dwarves have filled my painting��schedule since then so the WE will have to wait:hashut


AMAZING!!! Can you post this at Bugmans’s Brewery (the forge) please? Maybe you can corrupt some other Dwarves to Chaos! The warrior Conversions don’t seem that difficult to do. Maybe I’ll give it a try.


Actually, a couple of links on the dwarf sites might not go amiss…

Hashut’s Blessing:

Awesome. My only problem, the cannonball guy screams out Superman…


haha know what you mean. i was least happy with this guy out of all my army . the cape prevents him from ranking up too. so i would probably rip it off if i was keeping the army . my next army/s i am using dwarf lords and hellcannon crew as sorcerors

Kera foehunter:

Great job on the hobgoblin wolfriders and the shield are painted



Only thing I’d say is you haven’t really “blundered-up” the thunderers…

hat fanatic:

this army is great. i really like the bull centaurs there axes are huge and it really shows that they have great weapons. also the thunderers look really good and did you convert them and if you did can you tell me where thanks. the only thing i don’t like is that there helmets just look to big on top of their head and not hunched in. but anyway really good army. :slight_smile:


The thought of selling off painted figures depresses me.

But then, I paint slowly.