[Archive] Iconic model from each space/chaos marine legion


So a question then for those with time to kill, lol. If you could pick one model to paint from each of the 18 legions, which would it be? I’m thinking infantry characters, not heavy support or tanks.

40k or HH.

I’m mulling this over as my project for 2018.

Ghrask Dragh:

Oh, are we talking named characters too?

My easiest answer if so is Kharn - World Eaters (Horus Heresy)

To be continued or updated…


A Noise Marine. (Thats all I know about 40K)


IRON WARRIORS: The warsmith,

ULTRAMARINES: Captain Sicarius. I know, cheesy, but that cape SCREAMS freehand, and the pose is just too epic to pass,

WHITE SCARS: The Commander on bike, although heavily converted. As in: more tribal trinkets/markings, a cape, and perhaps some horse symbols on the bike,

DEATH GUARD: Any of the new models, they look sick (pun fully intended),

THOUSAND SONS: Same as above, although Ahriman is pretty neat,

SALAMANDERS: James Wappel made this version of Vulkan. You could try to do something similar, because he looks epic.

BLACK LEGION: Horus. Hands down,

EMPEROR´S CHILDREN: The Noise Marine with noise cannon, just converted to have an extended jaw, a speaker in his mouth, completely black eyes and… Well, you get the idea ;),

SPACE WOLVES: Yeesh. Lots of epic ones for this chapter. Seriously, any model from the standard range would do, although I have a penchant for Forgeworld´s terminator conversion kit. Because seriously, look at this guy,

WORLD EATERS: I know you said only infantry models, but back in the days Ishkur converted this guy into 40k, and the result was epic. Seriously, the only thing he needs is a plasma gun and a backpack.

…Need time to think about the others…

Ghrask Dragh:

These are favorite chapters, I wouldn’t force myself to paint something I’m really not into hence why some are off the list


Kharn - World Eaters (Horus Heresy)

Fabius Bile - Emperors Children (40k)

Erebus - Word Bearers (HH)

Horus - Black Legion (HH obviously)

Exalted Sorcerer - Thousand Sons (40k)

Plague Marine Champion w/ Nurglings wearing helm - Death Guard (40k)

The Night Lords are a problem, I’d have to cheat and say the Contemptor Dreadnought. I know it’s not infantry but it’s just so much nicer then the Kruze minis and all standard minis too


Abaddon - Lunar Wolves (HH)

Any Tyrannic War Veteran - Ultramarine (40k)

Primarus Chaplain - Blood Angel (40k)

Dark Angels Company Master - Dark Angels (40k)

Ulrik the Slayer - Space Wolves (40k)

This sounds like a great idea for a project, a nice excuse to pick up some things from stuff you wouldn’t normally.

I’d also throw Cypher in there too, is he still DA nowdays??


So obviously this would not be the cheapest idea I’ve ever had… But I’m thinking aside from the small death guard collection I’m building, this might be enough to quench my 40k thirst!

I already have Death Guard, Fulgrim and Angron. So it would make sense to start with those three.

Note in my list it’s not always a named character, just what I feel is a great representative model.

So I’m possibly considering:

Thousand sons - Ahriman

Emperors Children - Fulgrim

Night Lords - ?

Iron Warriors - Warpsmith

World Eaters - Angron

Alpha Legion… ?

Sons of Horus - Horus

Word Bearers - Dark Apostle

Death Guard - Quite a few

White Scars - Korsarro Khan

Ultramarines - Librarian in Terminator Armour

Blood Angels - Sanguinor (or a terminator from space hulk)

Space Wolves - Wolf Lord Krom

Dark Angels - Interrogator Chaplain

Imperial Fists - Lysander

Iron Hands - ?

Raven Guard - ?

Salamanders - Vulkan He’stan


Well, for the Raven Guard you should totally get Captain Shrike. Nice model, dynamic pose, what else is left to say?

Regarding the Night Lords, how about the Aspiring Champion, or the Chaos Lord with jump pack, converted with a few Vampire Count bits? GW does have a stock Night Lord hero, but it is an old model, and… Well, it shows its age.


Shrike is ok…  And it would make sense to go for one that’s in a jump pack just for variety.  But I’ve always thought it’s a shame there’s not a raven guard stealth type character.

Ultramarines I’ve realised I already have Calgar somewhere.  in pieces…

So overall this could actually work out reasonably ok price wise. Excluding Horus of course. :wink:

Thommy H:

Shrike is stealthy! He waged a guerilla war against a planet full of Orks for a decade or something.