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We will be starting a campain during the summer, Skaven vs Chaos dwarfs mainly. We will use a version of the campain rules for Flames of War Firestorm, with some tweaks. If anyone should be interested I can explain them later…

Id appreciate some feedback on the territorial rules we’ve come up with so far. Btw, Ill be using TommyH’s armylists for the campain and we were planning to have the following as Firestorm Units:

CD Lord - Chef
Skaven Grey Seer - Chef
CD Ironsworn - 400pts
Skaven Storm Vermin - 400pts
CD Seige Giant
Skaven Abomination
CD Hero Taurus ca 300
CD Hero Hobbo ca 100
Skaven Hero Tunneling Engineer ca 100
Skaven Hero Duo/Ridande monster ca 300
Link to the map we will use:
6. The Broken Tooth Orc pass: Using this way around the mountains comes at a cost. Orcs swarm about and salivate at the opportunity to ambush any army that passes by. Any army that holds the pass takes 1d6x50 points of casualties off of their next army list.

9. Desolation of Drakenmoor: The land is barren, your troops are starving, and morale is non-existent�?�cannibalism is inevitable.  The land has drained your armies�?T strength so low, that to move out requires great feats of stamina.
After setup roll 1d6 for every unit on the table, on a 1 the unit suffers 1d6 casulties. 1d3 wounds in case of monsters.

11. Karak Vlag: An army of 3000pts Dwarfs holds this keep. If the Skaven take the keep they may use the old dwarf mines to make further direct attacks at territories 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12.

13. ZKULAK, place of the skulls:  The underground river way allows for access to the Tower of Zhar Naggrund you may assault or move into Zhar Naggrund. Be wary, Zhar Naggrund can do the same to this territory.
If an assult is made this way roll 1d6 for each unit before the battle. On a roll of 1 the unit is lost on the river.
14. Zorn Uzkul, the great skull land: the land is paved in the bleached skulls of the enslaved and forgotten. Your foul gods grin in sadistic glee. While any forces of destruction are in the territory Zorn Uzkul, they automatically chose weather to deploy first and if they will take first turn in battle.

15, 16, 17, 51, 52; The Wolf Lands: Stalking in the shadows, leering grins in the night, feral wolves roam freely in these lands. No unit on either side may scout or make an ambush in these territories. No troops dare to leave the safety of the main army.  Run, fool. Run.

18 & 34. Mines: The wealth of the Dark Lands has been plundered and the chaos dwarves dig with reckless greed. Mines provide countless wealth to those greedy enough to dig.  Any army that holds a mine gets a free Common Magic Item worth up to 75 pts.

19. Mount Grey Hag: Skaven swarm the caverns of Mount Grey Hag, aiding their fellow vermin and befouling their enemies in the name of the under-empire! This is a dangerous place, any battle taking place here will give the skaven army free fortifications for all warmachines as per the Dwarfs armybook. Also, one unit chosen by the Skaven player gets a free tunneling move and may deploy in ambush.

22. The Ruined fortress of  Vorang: Play the Watch Tower mission. If the Skavens take this territory they will sniff out an old forgotten treasure of warpstone kept deep under the tower by the former masters. The skaven get a pool of 10, one use only, warpstone tokens to use in future battles.

28. The Fill: Once a sea, the careless Chaos Dwarves had the sea filled in with their waste and pollutants. It is now a horrible brackish land that on a good day, is a filthy quagmire. No warmachines may be used by either side during a battle in this territory.

31.The Flayed rock: The tower overseeing the bridge provides an excellent place to spy on incoming enemies and lay ambush. One core or special unit in your army may use the �?~vanguard�?T rule when you are defending this territory.

32. The Black Fortress: Chaos Dwarfs Fortress, Seige battle.

33. The Testing Range: The Chaos Dwarfs Castellian commanding the test range tries to aid in the battle sending their rockets this way. When each army is deployed upon the battle field, place one marker each atleast 6 inches from the Skaven deployment.  At the start of each turn, roll a D6 and on a 5+, roll a scatter dice and place the small template 2d6 inches away from the marker. Take hits as if by a stone thrower. These hits can happen in combat and randomize between combatants.
If the testing range is ever captured by the skavens they warlocks may use they rockets for their purposes, using the same rules for bombardment as the Chaos Dwarfs but the template will scatter 3d6 instead.

35. Tower of Gorgoth:  Chaos Dwarf  Fortress, Seige battle. If the Skaven capture the Tower they may use the slaves kept there for their own purposes. Either they get a pool of  500pts greenskin(orc/goblin) or skaven slaves to use in future battles, keep track of the points used.
Or the skavens may keep them for future uses and in case a skaven army ever finds itself encircled and out of supply they may feed on the slaves to neglect on roll on the out of supply table.

36. The Gateway of Zharr:  A myriad of millennia old statues stare down at you as your forces trod the brass roads.  Once powerful sorcerers, the statues line the road and you can feel the aura of magic seeping out of them.  Any army defending the road has Magic Resistance 1 on all units and Magic Resistance 2 on one unit.

37. Chasm of Greed: Looking for a cheaper and faster way to mine, the chaos dwarves turned to explosives. The horrific result was the �?ochasm of Greed�?�. Battles are fought on the edge of the chasm, there is no fleeing the battlefield.  To run would mean to plummet to one�?Ts doom. Any unit that breaks and runs off of the battlefield automatically halts at the edge. They have one last chance to rally, or they plummet to their doom as they leave the field. For each unit that plummets to their doom, the controlling player subtracts 100 points from his Victory point tally.

39. The Daemon�?Ts Stump: Chaos Dwarfs Fortress, Seige battle. The Daemon�?Ts Stump is the prison of a mighty blood thirstier, vanquished by a tyrant of old.  The bloodthirster�?Ts spirit lives on and permeates the ground. When choosing terrain, you MUST pick one �?~altar of Khaine�?T and place it in the center of the board. Blood for the blood god.

40. The Sentinels: A crossroads for traders and center for mercenary ogres, the Sentinels stand vigilance over the despoiled landscape. When battle is joined, the bored ogres rush in, eager for blood. On turn three, each player rolls a D3. On a 3, 5 ogre bulls come in from the table edge on their right and charge the closest unit. This can be repeated as many times as a �?~3�?T is rolled by either players (one roll per turn). If one holds The Sentinels, you may choose one mount/ creature from your army book and use this for your lord(s) heroes. The creature�?Ts cost cannot exceede 100 points and the cost will only subtract from your overall count, not your Lord / Heroes %.

53 & 54: The Plains of Zharr: Any battle taking place here will give the Chaos Dwarf army free fortifications for all warmachines as per the Dwarfs armybook.

55. The Tower of ZHARR NAGGRUND: Chaos Dwarf  Fortress, Seige battle.
The Holy City of Hashut, all Chaos Dwarfs defending this territory are considered Stubborn and all Chaos Dwarves Sorcerors channel on 5+.

56, 57, 58, 59; The Chaos Tundra: Harsh and frozen tundra, the forces of chaos (Demons, Beastmen and Warriors of chaos) draw strength from the raw power in the air. All sorcerers of these armies channel of 5+ while in the Chaos Tundra.


Really nice terrain chart for the campaign!


Looks like many nice ideas. But 32. The Black Fortress is a bit boring. Just a ordinary siege battle? When you look at the Black Fortress art in Tamurkhan than you may have to admit that a siege battle is a bit too less. Make something happen like in 35. Tower of Gorgoth. It will be more fun for sure.

Yes, I agree! Any ideas? :)


Shouldn’t the Black Fortress give Infernal Guard bonuses of some kind, since its a penal garrison?


Yeah yeah Infernal Guard but tjub said he'll be using TommyH's armylists.

There are Infernal Guards in there as well, if Im not mistaken you are able to field all of the CDs released to date with TommyHs book.


32. The Black Fortress: Chaos Dwarfs Fortress, Seige battle. The Black Fortress is a feared place, with its inhabitants outcasts from the Chaos Dwarf society with the only option to live and fight or die in battle. Countless times the troops guarding the fortress have fought against the odds and won against seemly unbeatable enemies.
The banners of the Black Fortress will cause even the strongest army to hesitate before a charge. Each unit in the Chaos Dwarf force guarding the fortress may upgrade a standard bearer for +15pts to carry a Banner of the Black Fortress causing Fear to the enemies.


Fitting result for the Black Fortress. :slight_smile: