[Archive] idiot trying to decide


i am trying to decide on a side project. i have three choices, and they are listed below from greatest cash to lowest cash to be hashed for them.

chaos dwarves

black legion of nagash (VC)

hochland empire

i currently have bretonnians

Knight Of Awsome:

Chaos dwarfs…?

But really chaos dwarfs because you can really customize them to how you want them look look, big hats, no hats, masks (or no masks), curly or straight, short or tall… wait just short…, but you could combined all of them into one, chaos skeletons with empire technology!!!


skeletons with empire technology!!!

Knight Of Awsome
I'm doing something like that with my balkanic VC. Half the army will be alive.

If Il had to choose I'll choose the legions of Nagash because they seem the most original of all.
But them again... you can't beat Chaos Dwarfs.


chaos darfs?


personally, I would choose chaos dwarves. The reason is, is that it is a side subject that is actually worth your time, and you can make a opponent dumbfounded at the site of chaos dwarfs, since it is rarely played



chaos dwarfs because the awe of seeing an army of hats is great

Hashut’s Blessing:

It seems we’re all saying Chaos Dwarfs, but to be honest, Hochland would just be hunters and engineers with Long Rifles, which, IMO, is boring really… The Hordes of Nagash don’t seem any different from any other army… Probably using Tomb King models with VC rules…

But, CDs can be converted from normal dwarfs, bought elsewhere, they’re not often seen and you can do the other ones later. Also, as a side project (I noticed you said they’d be most expensive), they wouldn;t take up so much time from your primary army due to pricing (unless you convert them all from dwarfs).

Knight Of Awsome:

(unless you convert them all from dwarfs).

Hashut's Blessing
Lol, i did that and they don't look so great. I think I'm going to start over with a more lava like theme to them and invest more money to make them look way better!

Kera foehunter:

why not do empier of black legion of chaos dwarfs??


Do believe we are going to say anything other the Chaos Dwarfs here?


fine. CD it is.