[Archive] If GW had never mentionned hobgoblins


How many of us would have chosen to have a ‘symbiotic race’ (lesser supporting race) actually as part of our armylist?

And on the same note, how many would choose to have a list that didn’t have any hobgoblins or slave units?


I think slaves are essential to the fluff, and I would definitely want slaves doing something in my list.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I think that slaves are an integral part of the fluff, but not in the army, although the hobgoblins fit, however, I would have thought that we’d need something to help differentiate us from the “normal” dawi (more so, anyway), but wouldn’t have thought of a second race to be in it…


So far I’ve avoided making any slaves for my Chaos Dwarfs. It makes for a dull army list, but for some reason, the whole hobgoblin/greenskin thing just doesn’t do it for me.

Now slave units of mixed race - that would be excellent. I want semi-naked members of different races, chained together armed with sticks and stones and gimp masks. Guess I ought to get converting.



My list is primarily CDs, few HGs at all. Makes it harder to win though.


I like hobgoblins in the fluff of the whole thing, not really big on the models but i suppose they are a symbiotic civilization, at the point where the dawi zharr couldnt function as an empire without the ‘help’ of the hobgoblins.

Of course they arent in the same bucket as the general push a mill around all day till you die slave.

In ancient Egypt there was different levels of slaves, some for clerical tasks, some for fighting, and these were regarded nearl as highly as free men, and slaves for slaving in the traditional sense (building pyramids is a start). In my opinion chaos dwarfs will also have various positions for slaves within their society.

In answer to the original question - i say yes id take other races as i adds variety to the army.


I really like the hobgoblins and think they fit very good into our army. I hope they will not take that away. Instead, make the hobgoblin moe seperated from other greenskin.


hobbo’s are one of the best part of chaos dwarves, take them away and you have the high/dark elf situation, a few differences but generaly the same army.

Ghrask Dragh:

At first I didn’t like the hobbos because everytime I saw a CD army in white dwarf(twice) it was mainly hobgoblins with a few CD to keep them in line, what the hell!?

I like the idea of slaves, pointless lackeys to send into a fight with no care of the result and to send into the mines to do all the work, it adds to the evil of CD but buddying up with greenskins???

GW made some decent minis for them but considering how expensive they are if you find any at all I’ve been really put off.

I don’t know how good an all CD army is in terms of a battle situation but it doesn’t seem like a bad idea to me! :hat

Uzkul Werit:

I say keep them just due to the models. They’re the only ones I have painted that look half decent.


I like the idea of slaves in the army. It fits well with the fluff and MAKES SENSE. Dwarfs don’t care that they’re slow and few in number because they sit in their holds and defend themselves with war machines and missile fire ripping apart their opponents. Choas Dwarfs have to be more proactive. They need a constant supply of slaves and therefore need the armed forces to beat the enemy, and the speed to round them up and capture them. Also don’t forget the Roman and Egyptian armies were made up largely of “slaves,” to name just two


Well I would play with out hobbos if they gave us a trade for them like oh say like immortles or a chariot.


I would like the option of picking eitehr an all dawi’zharr, all slave, or mixed army as each would present different challenges, much as a chaos player can vary their army.


I like the variation like AGPO .It means our enemies have to consider wisely to combat us as the army has some versatility in selection.

I would like mixed slave units for naked hobbos purely as the fluff fits the hobbos could as trusted(armoured) slaves herd the massed slaves ahead of the army like ancient khans and chinese empires did(sometimes with as many starving slaves being herded ahead of the army as there were in it):hat


Yeah, I seem to remember Genghis Khan went in for that. Used many Chinese slaves from the local area as cannon fodder at the seige of Beijing, first wave protection from the enemy arrows and anti-seige weaponry at the walls.

I’d prefer mixed slave units with a generic stat-line over our current reliance on greenskins, as it’d also make it even easier for us to build slave units out of existing models.