[Archive] If you C E O of G W.what would you do

Kera foehunter:

Ok here you go if you where the ceo of Games workshop what would your changes be


Do you mean CEO?

Kera foehunter:

well eather way what would you do to im prove it i go back to metal figures down size the co.

hire young tallent with the guidence of a couple of old pros


Probably start with targeted customer marketing. I would do this to start finding ALL of my potential gamers young and old.

Make the process more transparent to the customer. GW isn’t Apple, why the need so much secrecy? Does it generate a buzz? Are people camping out their local GW store waiting for an army to be released? I’d have to say no.

Stop the yearly price gouging. Stop punishing the current customers for GWs failure to grow the hobby.

Make White Dwarf something other then a glorfied catalog. Make it useful again.

Consider bringing it back to private. Going public means that GW is so concerned with results that other areas have suffered.

Return to the days of many games in the product line and support them all.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Reduce the price of everything by one to two pounds each. EVERYTHING. Except maybe WD, which would be reduced by 50p-£1. Make WD decent again. Pay attention to the gamers that do play as well as attempting to bring in the new customers. Can’t think what else as it’s late…


I would temporarily dissolve WD, go private again and take a pause from releasing new stuff and new ranges and try to refine what I already have on my hand. Additionally I’d try to retarget and reconnect with my customer base…


I would make a new chaos dwarves book and then bring back the halflings with alternative pygmy rules. Cheaper stuff would great too.


Well, first I would drop the prices a little, say 5/10 percent% and fix those prices entierly, so it won’t jump again next year. This is so all of my current customers are more content, and it dosen’t seem so expencive to those little kids GW tries to advertise too (I mean seriously, there advertising mainly at 12 year olds, how many 12 year olds do you know with £18 to spend on a box, no wonder there sales are plummeting)

Next I would expand customer service, updathe the FAQs, maybe a loyalty service. I would also spread around the sales places and news, selling the box in a major order shop (like the aforemntioned argos) which everyone looks in, to try and boost sales. I would also chane the advertising focus to people whjo would stick with the hobby, and can afford to buy stuff off me, not the little kids who get one thing ever month.

third I would change white dwarf, make it a usefull hoby magazine, it’s started on this road a little (the last one was awesome, almost usefull) Including proper tactics( not the crap ones we have in it usualy) painting guides, ways to convert stuff (it all seems more attractive to buy something when you’re told how to make it look awesome) and proper battle reoprts, glorifying the products (not just advertising) so more people want to buy them.

thats it for the main…what, it’s still cash foccused, just better, hey you said CEO of a company, not friendly store manager.


commit ritual suicide?

seriously, I´d get rid of LotR, sell Video games licenses and lower prices for miniatures


I’d change White Dwarf back into what it used to be. Card supplements in the middle, the occassional free minitature and a section for Mail Order at the back. I found that last one incredibly useful.

I’d bring the Specialist Games back into the spotlight, giving them some coverage in WD as well as their magazines and funding back.

I’d at least try to draw on the community of players for each race when redesigning, as its them I’d be trying to please.

I’d certainly order a change in the sculpting (seen the latest Von Cartsteins?).

To be honest, I think if GW is going to stay public (would be very expensive to reprivatise I think) an ideal situation would be for there to be a Games Workshop Customer Association (or some such thing) and for that to buy up the shares from donations from regular hobbyists. Then it could take the profit GW makes and put it back into the company and the hobby. It would make interaction between the company and the community one of the core aspects of the hobby. Still, very expensive to do (exactly how much do GW shares go for, and how many are there? Does anyone know?)

Viskar Zhragoth:

Well, last reported I could find was about 54.6 Mln stg, or roughly $105.8 Milllon Dollars. With 31.1 million outstanding shares. That was based on about $3.40 a share (or 165 pence a share). But it can be hard to tell because the pound and dollar are shifting so much and so violently right now.

But to take it privately would probably cost more than that. Their are several institutional shareholders of GW stock (like pension plan /mutual fund type of groups), As you got a hold of more stock, the buyout price would continually shift upwards. to get to the # you’d need to take it back private, you’d probably need about 185+ million, and the ability to finance all of that debt (ie the purchase price would probably not be covered by the assets of the company at the time.)


Probably run it in to bankruptcy. I would be to concerned about the hobby part and not the business part (profit). Plus I don’t have the required skill set to run a big company.

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

i’d listen to the costoar and see what they want mabey make more merchendise like t-shirts,and watches bring back SG,sabertooth games and warp artifacts rejuce prices advertise more relesed army that need to be relesedget some good suplutor and widen the range of armys

turquois dwarf:

make everything cheaper:idea

half the cost of army books but only put fluff, hobby and tactics in them:o put the rules and points on the boxes

make it so evil armys can take any evil unit good any good unit whilst keeping unit selections but have bonuses for having lots of units from one race:idea

meaning you could have very fun and varied armies only problem is power gamers grumble:hashut


In an interest to get a better understanding, I pulled up the 2007 annual report. For what it’s worth, Tom Kirby acknowledges a lot of the issues raised here, about customer service, and a lack of caring/shirking responsibility onto others. There has also been some sort of management reorganization, which should hopefully translate into improved GW services and products. I want to know WHY they went public… were there excessive capital investments that they needed the funding for? it’s a tad unfortunate they went public, but at the same time, it provides the public with some sense of credibility and transparency.

I understand why everyone is saying price cuts (although there was some sort of cost reduction programme that took a nice bite out of profits in 07), but that’s not quite the answer. there are high prices for a reason, and currently, GW isn’t prospering. First thing I’d do, analyse my cost centres, see what is a dead weight expense sink. Is there outdated equipment that is tying up too many resources, etc.

Sales have been dropping steadily since 2004, and this would indicate a poor marketing presence. and perhaps a general lack of interest (most likely due to the issues you’ve all stated). But also it’s a mature company… it’s likely hit a stagnant place in its life cycle and this needs to be reinvigorated somehow - new product, new strategy, etc. Computer games are likely their attempt at updating the product mix. I feel something needs to be changed with how they sell the product. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but essentially, I don’t see the need to “go buy more” (but again, I’m not a core customer). If there was a way to ensure continued sales, some sort of game growth dynamic, then that should help as well. It’s possible they have saturated most of their market.

so to sum up, before I price cut and run the company into bankruptcy, it would be wiser to cost cut, minimize unnecessary costs, streamline the system and overhaul the product mix/promotion. My parents will be thrilled to know I’ve now put my 4 years of university education to good use.


ummmm, guys, if half of you where in charge, the whole company would have crumbled in a year, specaily the rules on boxes, would you like to carry you’re unit boxe with you, and how can you plan if you need to buy stuff first

imagine buying a box of black gaurd, there expencive for a full unit, then you find you wasted every penny you spent


Where is the link to the annual report Sojourn?


I don’t know about others, but I don’t buy Warhammer at the moment because it isn’t really exciting. I used to get genuinely enthused about GW, and when I finished an army it wasn’t “That’ll make my wallet happy for a while” but rather “I wonder whether I should try Necromunda, or Warmaster”. The company now is too slick and prescriptive (I think WD mirrors its decline, personally).

Kera foehunter:

or you can wait till another bankrup co. Buy you out and form one big co. Then you fire the worker ! Move the job over sea !Take all the employies retirement, have a 5 million dollar party for you wife/ girlfriend

and don’t go to jail .that the way they make a co. profitable here in the U. S.


ah, yes, sorry… I DID intend to post the link:

This is just the business review page (where the annual report link can be found)


that’s the actual Annual Report for '07