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Hey guys what would you do if you worked at Games work shop and were able to create things like Races,Fictions,Lands Etc etc

What would you do?



Lower Prices.

Update books to allow fun optional builds (updated SOC, Lustria and Warhammer Chronicles lists)

Balance armies making harder for power gamers to make broken lists.

Make lists for regions mentioned (Nippon, Cathay, Araby, Pirates of Sartosa)

Give Dogs of War and Chaos Dwarfs books with decent fluff. Limit what Dogs of War/regiment of renown Units can be used it other armies.

Sell other companies models in the stores, why not make money on their stuff too. :smiley:


Awsome idea Bilbo what i’d like to see would be the Recoming of Fimir,Zoats and of Course -Drumroll-

Chaos Dwarves


Fimir would need a major redoing of fluff. They weren’t the most politically correct race when last seen in 3rd edition.


To be fair I think the pygmies were the least PC…

If I were in charge I’d shift the focus away from competitive gaming and towards friendly gaming and the hobby. Rather than constantly updating every army I’d release a series of campaign packs (like Lustria) to vary the gaming experience. First up would be siege. I’d also release a full update of the mercenary rules, including rules for a dogs of war army and include a new regiment of reknown with every campaign pack.

I’d also drop the cost of core troops and compensate with a rise in the price of big characters, large warmachines and other one-off units. This would re-focus the hobby around troops and push away herohammer.

Last but not least I’d take the time to do Chaos ‘properly.’ I.e. one book, with rules for beastmen, daemons and mortals, proper fluff and the potential to build an army including all of the different elements in one force, as it should be.


I think id probably run more interactive campaigns, not online where people can cheat, but more in stores, with results changing scenario conditions for the next week etc.

As far as older races are concerned apart from CD’s id leave them alone. Fimir are cool but were never really a fantasy army, more a roleplay badguy, and more prominently a hero quest badguy.

i think one thing they could do would be to shift some focus back to specialist games. If every store had at least 1 table set up for 1 game it might get people who dont like the idea of buying or painting whole armies into the hobby. I started with bloodbowl, went onto spacehulk, and then moved onto the main 2 games. And the specialist games always worked better as campaigns as well, i reckon a store that ran a blood bowl league would get people in to play, same with a necromunda or even gorkamorka campaign!


After much consideration i’ve decided that I would create Chaos Dwarfs :smiley:


I’m with you Torn, I miss specialist games. The idea that they aren’t proftable doesn’t wash. Monopoly has done really badly for a boxed game…


I dont know much about Fimir except they were Cyclopean Lizard men but what do you mean Not Politicaly correct?


It’s to do with how they reproduced. In third edition and previous GW had a lot more in common with roll-playing games and was targeted at the older gamer rather than young kids. Thus when they changed their market a lot of things had to fall by the wayside as they no longer fitted



Ah i get it now they were kind of Demon Reptile things that dieties were demons and they’d impregnant a human woman? that kind of Real real Dark

But what i also dont get is Pygmies so said that they werent Pc i dont know much about them at all so can you tell me about them?


I would redo man 'o war! And make the pirates of sartosa a bigger part of the warhammer universe, somehow… Man 'o War would make a great reworked specialist game. Oh and chaos dwarfs, of course :stuck_out_tongue:


Gelli if they redid Man 'O War i’d have them like 3x as big as a normal Games workshop miniature so you could fit you Miniatures on

Tarrakk Blackhand:

#1. - Lock up the accountants in a room.

#2. - Take the 5th edition Chaos Dwarf book, keep the fluff and reword it to coincide with the other current CD mention books and propperly update the rules into 7th.

#3. - Produce a new line of CD models or re-pop the old molds.

#4. - Readdress the Warhammer : Skirmish rules and books and get them back online but also update them for 7th edition.

#5. - Take all the best elements of 6th and 7th editions rule books and make them into 8th edition. (Bring back the siege rules, etc)

#6. - Try and rekindle the adult gamer market with quests, campaigns, etc. The kids have had enough fun bashing their armies to bits.


Im a kid…Well sorta…And i dont bash my army to bits -Starts to cry-

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Well, I mean take a large army of Orcs and fight a large army of Dwarfs, for example.

If you look at some of the older White Dwarf magazines form 2002 and 2003, they had smaller campaigns that only involved 200 points per side games, which was usually 16 models per side.

These smaller campaigns were designed to give the larger game that little bit “More” by setting up a few smaller campaigns to tell a battle type “story” that was the prequil to the larger battle.

There’s a great one in a White Dwarf magazine a friend loaned me that has Dwarf Miners fighting Skaven in a long, underground corridor. The Miners have to make it back to the other end of the corridor before the gates close, trapping the Miners in with the Skaven. (The gate closes on Turn 5) The miners also have to prevent Skaven from entering the gates.

The second scenario takes place in a 24"x24" Dwarf mine that has 3 rooms. Skaven invade the rooms through holes in the floors and walls and the miners have to defent themselves.

The final scenario is the all out, big battle underground that has 200 P armies crashing together in combat.

See…much more exciting than just an all out battle to start with.

It just seems like now-a-days they’re trying to make Fantasy play more like 40K where you need large numbers of figures to battle. So I’d bring back the older stuff and just update them for 7th and 8th.


Ah i know what you mean there. oh also the Oldest white dwarf i got is from late 2005 early 2006 when they realeased the new giants :smiley:

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Other thing that would be great is a release of a Dogs of War book that included stats for all the DOW figures. GW still makes the models, but i think most of the stats and fluff are long gone.

Speaking of Giants, I think I have a PDF of a scenario where you hunt down a Giant with a unit of Warriors.

There was one scenario that I wish I got that had 2 opponients and 2 Ogres. The Ogres were in a field at opposite ends and you had to get to one before your enemy did. You both had to move your unit to within 5" of the Ogre and then you rolled the dice to see if that Ogre would be your ally in a Dogs of War campaign against your enemy or if he’d just eat you.


Dogs of war were pretty cool because you could them in any WH army and that scenario sounds pretty cool :smiley:


Aside from the obvious Chaos Dwarfs? As they’d be the first project. I would seriously consider working on Cathay or Araby.

If it’d sell, I’d bring back Man of War.

I’d also perhaps flesh out Warmaster and Epic. Epic is FAR more appealing for large scale actions in 40k than Armageddon.

I’d also take the Gothic system and create a ship creation system which would provide points values. It wouldn’t be legal at tournaments, and such… but allow for people to use the Gothic system for other things as well. So you can finally have the Orks assault a Super Star Destroyer…