[Archive] If you were to start a new army..?


What would it be?

Thats a new army you have little or no models for.

For me it would be Skaven.��After Dwarfs and Chaos Dwarfs it would probably be my msot favourite army I’ve never started.��I have a small O&G army as well, but that would just be completing rather than starting anew.

I absolutely love all the fluff behind skaven, the models are a bit too comical, but atm that suits them I think.��The character models are nicely done as well.

Uzkul Werit:

I would do either a Nurgle Daemon Legion or a Peasant heavy Bret army. Both are completely rubbish but they’d be fun. We all know the Peasants do all the work in a Bret army.

Ghrask Dragh:

Off the top of my head I would say… Chaos, probably Khorne orientated.

Love the idea of units of these huge warriors in heavy armour taking peoples heads off with one swing of a mace, the original mini’s would need a bit of conversion just to make them a bit grittier (bit too clean as they are sold I think), coupled with deamons and sorcerers they would make a great army IMO.

Maybe one day when Chaos Dwarfs are finished and my Goblins and Ogre armies are revamped (ahh, vampires would be cool!) I will get around to a Chaos Army.


Well at the moment I am re-doing my Skaven army, as it was 5 years ago since I painted them and as such paint has come off the metal minis and they look like, well, rubbish so I’m pro-painting them now or trying to (the River Ratz, an extremly rich clan with plenty of “free” help from the greater clans in hope they can steal Corpiform’s warpstone riches!) It’s fun, SAD armies are not…

The next army I am planning, is to re-do my Vampire counts without a Vampire (simply counts as a certain model) waiting for new models and rules :~

It will be based on Richter Kruegar’s Cursed Company, for when Richter’s regiment is big enough to be used as an army in it’s own right rather than a single regiment in another army! :cheers

I do all these projects when I am building my Chaos Dwarfs as it adds to variety for painting, and I have a problem with staying on painting units of 20+ in blocks. :slight_smile:


Im thinking about doing night goblins , i already have a sizable force and an idea to make the black gobbo in model form.


For me, my new army would be CD’s. :confused:

Kera foehunter:

i say ogre there cheep and you don’t need much.but thats a long way for now i just started cd. if i ever decide to have a nother army


Hahahahaha… I just misread that. I thought you said, "If I ever decide to have another baby."



Chaos Dwarfs if course since I already have too many other armies as it is.

Kera foehunter:

ohhhhhhhhh you better hide that bill quote…


Ive been thinking about Ind for a long time, until I hear about the uncoming new VC.

Kislev and undeads to make a balkan oriented VC army.


Well, I would either want to do a Cthulhu themed Lizardman army or start vampire counts (again)


well if i were to start a new army …:idea

ogres yea yea maby

but if you think about it making a new army is like having a baby

it takes about 10 to 30 minutes to conceive then about nine monthes to develop( paint buy etc ) then when your ready hpefully years later you you think your ready to start all over again

then when you sell/give your army to a freind and watch it gainits like having grand children

wow i better stop now


Dogs of War army with lots of pikes and crossbowmen, some cannons and mounted troops.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

For me it would be something nice and undead again - so either Khemri (an idea that I had a long time ago was going with a scarab-theme, i.e. exchanging the shields against large beetle husks and having chariot crews ride on huge undead scarabs) or the new Vampire Counts, depending on how cool the models are going to be. :slight_smile:

Pyro Stick:

For me it would eithre be Chaos, Brettonia or Skaven. I love how chaos armies can be so unique in so many ways.


I think I would do a highly converted Vampire Counts army. That’s one that I’ve never done before, although I have enjoyed playing with them on the occasions that I had the opportunity to. The problem with VC has always been the poor models tho, which is why I say “highly converted”. That, or perhaps add some Nurgly or Khornate mortals to my chaos army.


I’d do a Warhammer Ancient Battles army. A proper ancient one like Hittites or Assyrians (as opposed to my current meidieval Teutonic Knights one).


I'd do a Warhammer Ancient Battles army.��A proper ancient one like Hittites or Assyrians (as opposed to my current meidieval Teutonic Knights one).

I think i would do the same but Romans or Troy era ,Chariots and Hoplites cool:hat


In terms of WFB it would have to be Ogres, VCs or a proper DoW army - they’re the ones I don’t have. Maybe a daemon army when the new models come out…