[Archive] I'm frreeeeee!


My exams are over! A whole glorious Chaos Dwarfy summer stretches ahead of me!


you’re still in high school I guess AGPO? god, I miss high school. sigh

congrats, I hope they went well :slight_smile:

Hashut’s Blessing:

Glad you have some freedom now :smiley: Hope they went okay!

Kera foehunter:

if he free now. i need someone to cut my grass!!!


Question is: if he is “free” now. How much did he “cost” before?

Knight Of Awsome:

lol, I’m free too, i had two exams on Monday and two on Tuesday so I’m free to make my second horribly mutated Great Taurus…:~


Curse you! I’ve still got another month of school ¬_¬


I finished a month ago. Viva la universite


need to wait until the week of the 18th of juli, then I finaly got some rest for a month or so, then school starts again :frowning:

Father Grumpmas:

“sigh” - I remember school and varsity and post-graduate study and first job and second job . . . . . . (sound of old man falling asleep)

Happy CD Summer AGPO (but spend some time outside man - it is the summer :cheers)


just go and paint outside


you're still in high school I guess AGPO? god, I miss high school. *sigh*

congrats, I hope they went well :)

Hell no, I escaped that as well. Happy collegy fun for me!

Kera foehunter:

now that your free what are you goimg to do!!


Well so far with my buddies and I all regrouping from our studies and jaunts around the world there’s been a lot of “catching up.” This has involved not insignifigant quantities of alcohol. Its also my birthday pretty soon, my friends are planning something which they say will be “a supprise.” I’m terrified, they have a record in this department…

Kera foehunter:

Run free Agpo and join in on the boar centaur games!!!