[Archive] I'm going to start sculpting my own CDs soon


As the title says, soon I’ll be picking up my green stuff, wire and sculpting tool to start making my own CDs. I’m (I would say obviously) doing Warriors and Blunderbusses first but the question is…

…for the Warriors, I am going to make HW+S units and GW units but which is easier to sculpt to start of with?

Any help on which is easier to start of with would much appreciated.




I would say HW and Shields, because you can do them all separately and join them together easily. With GWs you have to make the hands line up on the weapon itself and it usually spirals into tedium. But I do think that more peeps are looking for GWs so they don’t have to convert them themselves. Not sure if peeps agree with that but there you go.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Do HW…because if you screw up on the first few sculpts, you can cover it with the shield.


Presuming you’re going to be casting them I’d do the GW ones first.

That way with some clever hand/arm positioning you could also use them with HW and shield (like the dwarf plastics).

If you’re not casting them, HW and shield.


you could always do 2 HW, and pose the second hand in such a way that it could be covered by a shield to make it 1hw and shield?


Or have them hold the GW in one hand for marching, rather than as if they are wielding it.