[Archive] I'm new here!

Hashut’s Hashut:

Hello everybody! I’m a a new member here. But I want to tell you all something first, I do not play Chaos Dwarves… YET. I most likely will in a few… years time. Until then, I want to help you guys with question about other armies. I joined just about every single WHFB army forum there is (but for some reason I can’t join The Underempire, and Chamber of the Everchosen… I don’t know why). And I want to learn HOW to make Chaos Dwarves BEFORE I start making them (which is probably a good idea).

:hat off to you guys!

P.S. Yes, even :hashut has a :hashut hehehe… So don’t make me angry!!!

Kera foehunter:

well you came to the right place Hashut .grab some green stuff and let see what you can do

Hashut’s Hashut:

I can’t do anything with green stuff. My best conversion… I think I added an arm from another sprue to a model. (and does anyone know how to spell ‘sprue’ the right way?)


You just did. Welcome to the forum.


without green stuff? good luck!


Converting CDs without GS?:o

It is very difficult, nigh on impossible to convert CDs without green stuff

Good luck to you!

Hashut’s Hashut:

I’ve always been good at that. Wait… no I’m not. I had too many :cheers at Warhammer-Empire and Bugman’s Brewery… ugh.