[Archive] I'm Resigning as Administrator


As you may have noticed, I’ve been less active since GH8 finished up. I had been planning this for a while, and GH8 was my final hurrah. It’s been a great ride. As I write this we have almost 3 million hits! (2,998,399) I want to thank every single person who signed up on these forums. This never would have been possible without all of your help. I will remember all of you.

I’m selling off all my Chaos Dwarf stuff, if you are interested, PM me.

I’ve left the top-job to Willmark. I’m sure he’ll take care of this place.

Cheers and thanks,



Are you sure you want to leave us, Xander?

We will miss you! :frowning:

I hope that you will still be a member of CDOL!

Tarrakk Blackhand:

This is strange and sudden?

I can understand stepping down as an admin, but why sell off all your CD’s, etc? Are you finished with the game et all?

We’ll miss you.


Xander, I do have to say you’ve done a wonderful job. Your dedication is to be admired. For that, I thank you.

If it wasn’t for this site, I would not have gotten into Chaos Dwarfs. I would’ve always thought they were kinda cool, but I would never had tried that first conversion… had the temptation… or anything. I would probably be playing Dark Elves right now, and while I like them… they don’t have the same feeling… I could even still be playing VC.

Because of this site I found an army I love, my second attempt is giving me an army that I can also be proud of. This is because of your efforts of having a dedicated source to the Chaos Dwarfs, and the wonderful community we have here. I strongly suspect many of us can say the same. Your videos are also an amazing resource as well, and I have pointed friends to them.

I remove my hat for your departure :hat off, and you shall truly be missed my friend. I hope to see you around on here, or wherever your interests take you. I hope you still play Warhammer at least. :slight_smile: It’s folks like you who make this hobby a fun, enjoyable one.

I shall have a drink in your honor! :cheers

In case I don’t see you around, I wish you the best in all things. May you find satisfaction and happiness wherever you go and whatever you do. :slight_smile:


Thats quite a shock, you have been with the  forum since the beginning, i would never even know that chaos dwarfs were more than a small picture in the rulebook. thank you for everything and i hope you will come back soon.


Uh! I can understand if you dont have the time, but why sell you Chaos Dwarfs!? Give it some time, whatever the reason…
I used to own a CD army back in 95-96, but this page and you conversion clip was what got my started again. All I can say is thanks for the great inspiration!

@Willmark: Im sure you do just as great job as our new Lord… :slight_smile:


sorry to hear that you have decided to step down and leaves us i hope not for good as you are a major part of the site and lets face facts we would not be here with out all the time and work that you have dedicated to the site , i know that i would not be, it is because of this fantastic site that i now walk the path of hashut with my big hat .

i hope that we see you no the site again but until then i wish you all the best in what ever it is that you do i take my hat off to you sir :hat off


Hmm, its April the 1st today… Is this a cruel joke?


Hmm, its April the 1st today... Is this a cruel joke?

True... it could be that. I'm starting to suspect that.

If so I will have to have a drink or two... then challenge the staff to a good game of Warhammer when I meet them!


Lets hope its not a joke … would be a real blow - would be interested to hear the reasons why alhtough if their are personal then we all of course respect your privacy and understand.

And on a personal note - so long and thanks for the fish


It’s early morning - but …

And if it hasn’t been for the new banner:

Willmark’s Chaos Dwarf Empire - haha!

And the fact that it’s April 1st.

- then I might have belived that one of the most dedicated Chaos Dwarfer I know of - would have considered stepping down - but I thing that Chaos Dwarfs online is back tomorrow - with Xander as Chairman.

And if not - you’ll have to wait a few more hours for my tribute.



April 1st… I thought i had done my best not to fall for any pranks today (I fell for this one bad about 2 hours ago, man I can’t believe I would even consider Xander getting rid of his awesome army)

I thought it was weird that the site would have Wilmark posted all over it, but I think wil’s cool so I didn’t think about it until I noticed the name change. I was really gobsmacked when I thought Xander was gone. If it’s a prank you got me! :cheers :hat off

Thommy H:


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I knew people would take this as such based on the date, the unfortunate thing was the timing.

Xander had been contemplating this for quite some time; I told him not to rename the site with the banner and all that, but you try talking him out of anything…

So on behalf of the community Xander thank you so much I will endeavor to live up to your very high standards!

Pyro Stick:

This had better be a joke. And if it is, its not funny. I dont appreciate the near heart attack this early in the morning.


Why would you have a near heart attack? Xander has made his wishes clear, the remaining Staff and I are going to endeavor to make this place the best it possiblly can be, plus if he comes back its always his site no matter what he says.


Maybe Willmark captured Xander and forced him to leave the forum? :o

I wish this is a joke at least becuase it’s so weirdo to have this Star Wars background in a Cds forum!!! :hashut

Let Hashut forgive us for the blasphemy!!! :hashut

I’ll wait up tomorrow to make comments, still thinking could be a joke… :slight_smile:



If this isn’t a joke (which if it is, is in very poor taste) - can we please revert back to the CDO imagery and name please as the current theme (with no disrespect intended) is very confusing and off-beam for new users


I agree I’ll take a look at it later tonight when I get a momment.


Very sorry to hear Xander is leaving :sad

May we ask why? Just had enough?