[Archive] ImageShack Content delivery policy changes


Quite terrible news. Here is the mail I received:

" Dear ImageShack users, since 2004 ImageShack�?Ts team has been working

hard to create easiest to use, best performing Image Hosting and

delivery solution for all users. To continue to improve our services

for our premium users, ImageShack will implement policy changes that

are listed in detail below.

Starting November 1st, 2015 ImageShack will be implementing a new

policy that will affect image delivery for some of our users, here are

those changes:

Premium ImageShack accounts will not be affected in any way. You will

continue to be able to use your ImageShack account, and all images

will be served to your pages.

Any free accounts (non-premium) will no longer deliver images to any

sites, blogs or forums. This change will be implemented by November

1st,2015. If you have a free account, have images that are linked to

any sites, blogs or forums and want to continue to have images

delivered to those pages, please convert to premium account

here:ImageShack - Upgrade, for only $3.99/mo, you will

continue to have unlimited storage and unlimited delivery of your


You can read about those changes in more details here:

ImageShack Content delivery policy changes | by ImageShack | Medium

ImageShack Team. "

I personally have the premium account, but I am wondering about all the people who used IS as an archive or the people who don’t use it anymore…

I guess it will be a terrible loss for all the kind of forums / communities, especially the how-to sections and so on…


That is indeed an underhanded blow. Loads of old pictures will be gone since they won’t be refreshed through some other image hoster. Bad for archive and continuity.

In fact, I think it’s best if everyone gets used to saving the best images they encounter online to their computer and backing these up in the cloud via E-mail etc. Changes like these may occur. I’ve already done some of that through the years to not lose any gems, such as Revlid’s images. If many people do this, old treasures won’t be lost forever by the stroke of a policy change.

Also, it may be best to get used to uploading your own best pictures as both an attachment and an image hosted by some provider, like ImageShack.

People who don’t want to pay for the service can at least use Photobucket instead.


Wow… Way to add a lot of “image shack” logos to the web. Well too bad. Gonna create some holes in our galleries as well.

I advice people to make a google account. Google Photos have unlimited space and is free. Properly forever.


Glad I got pushed onto photobucket a few years back.


new mail:

" Dear ImageShack users, on September 29th '15, ImageShack has
suffered a very large service outage. We wanted to take time
to explain what happened, and how it affected your accounts
as well as Image delivery.

During a routine maintenance, a small mistake crept up into
one of our management tools that caused all our of servers
to wipe out their operating systems as well as most of the image
storage systems. You may want to ask, how can something
small cause such a large issue? Don’t we have backups.
And Yes, indeed, we do have at least 3 copies as backups
of all your images.

ImageShack has been around since 2004, during that time
we have grown to store billions of images, and used hundreds of
servers to deliver those images to the internet. We always
relied on automated systems that allowed us to keep our
team relatively small, so that we could pass to cost savings
to you, our users. Unfortunately, with system automation
comes a risk of a mistake such as described above.

The good news, we were able to restore most of the images,
and continue to deliver them to you pages. The bad news
is that we lost about 4% of all images, across all accounts
(paid and free). This means that if you have a page with
100 images embedded, there perhaps would be between
3 to 5 images missing. We sincerely apologize for this

We have decided to take some serious steps regarding
ImageShack as a service. We want to absolutely
guarantee that your images will be delivered to your pages.
We do not resize images, we do not impose bandwidth
limits like other image hosting sites do. We do not put
claim to your images, and we do limit ads next to your
images, so that anyone who sees your images have the
best experience possible. For us to be able to promise
that - our business requires a transition to pay model only.

So, what are the steps we are taking? We will be
focusing on users that ImageShack matters to the
most - Those users are the users who have paid
accounts. If you are a user with free account, and do
not plan to upgrade, you have until January 31st, 2016
to download your images. After that date, only
paid accounts are going to continue to exist at ImageShack.

We are doing this so that we can put time an effort
towards our “premium” users who depend on ImageShack
for their businesses and other important functions. We want
to give 300% more quality and performance to those users,
they have certainly paid and earned the right to have it.

If you have had a paid account before, or have a free account
today, please consider upgrading to paid. Our plans start
at $3.99/mo. However, until January 31st 2016, we will be offering
a huge discount of $18.99/year only, as our thanks
to all users who are patient enough to stay with us through
this transition!


ImageShack Team. "

For what is worth, I’ve personally lost 20 images out of 500 total…


Fishy. Better look into alternatives…