[Archive] imahobogblins warband



That really is a spectacular army.

Tell me how many points it as and i’ll nominate you for a medal (you certainly deserve it).


no i dont think so thats just how they turned out . i guess painted patches of chaos black paint over chaos black spray paint has made them look a bit patchy which i liked - and the worn edges and scratches were just a bit of mithril silver either drybrushed on or applied sparingly in places

EDIT: when its finished il put up a detailed showcase thread. its bordering on the 2000 mark some more stuff to show like characters & a death rocket - thanks man i like yours too

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Just make sure it doesn’t get to 4,000 points, otherwise i’ll lose my gold medal, lol


nah it wont i have no1 to game with im more of a painter - and as i dont want it gathering dust on my shelves i will probably flog it on ebay in my store. not sure what price to ask will probably start at 100 . i might make some more if it does well


Funny you should say that. I actually noticed them for sale on eBay just before I read your reply.

They are here if anyone is interested:



They all look great like santas chaos dwarfs:) Those wolfboyz are superb great photos(Mental note ,must improve):hat off


that auction is just an ad to try and drum up a bit of interest ill put the real auction up in a few days


Looks the goods mate. Gluck with the sale!


MAtty :slight_smile:


Nice chaos stunties I like them very much. The one thing I’m not a big fan of is the crab claws on the standard.


they are deamonette claws i got them as part of a chaos bits box i bought on ebay a while ago and as they were so niceley painted i thought why not use them i know they look slightly out of place but when you look at the detail on them i think it really adds to the character of the unit


How do you make the bases look so real snow like?? I need to know for I’m going to be doing a full 8k I.G. Army painting\modeling for a person I know and he wants snow bases like that!. O.O;

If you can give me a tip on how ya did it I would really like it! :hat off



its just the snow flock from gw glued on with a bit of good old pva


Thank you very much on the info I will got to go figure howmuch it will cost to do over 900 bases then. lol :hat off



The Bullcentaur banner reminds me of

Crabpeople xD

Very nice army indeed, I especially like the Bullcentaur bodies in combination with the overall snow theme. Very nicely put together!


thanks - hobgoblins know the score



FANTASTIC!!! I’d like to try this out myself, but where to get all those Chaos warrior heads?? Would the old Chaos warrior heads work out as well?

A tribute of gold & slaves will be delivered to you.

Could you please post this at Bugman’s Brewery (in the Forge)??? Maybe you could corrupt some of our loyal Dwarf brothers!!

May your beard grow long and your axe stay sharp!




ill see what i can do thanks blood axe!




Thanks alot. Put any pics in the FORGE. Im sure alot of the Brewery members would like to see your work. Maybe some will visit this site and see what a great place it is and all the cool members posting here.

I have to say that your army inspired me & corrupted me with the taint of Chaos. Im converting my own Chaos Dwarf army now.



Kera foehunter:

great job on the hobgoblins they look cool . What keeps the black orc on the snow from skidding into each other?? melal on snow is kinda slick