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I can now announce that my mate Jody Siegel of Imbrian Arts has launched his Kickstarter. This drive is meant to raise enough funds for Jody to keep him working on his range full time!


With this project we’ll be able to produce 4 new miniatures. These miniatures have already been sculpted and are ready to be sent off for moulding and put into production. The miniatures will be cast in a durable and highly detailed plastic material capable of capturing all the detail of the master just as beautifully as the normal lead alloy used in other Imbrian Arts miniatures.

I´ll update this topic with news and pics in the coming weeks! :slight_smile:


Backed! Seems sweet. I wish I could get the goblins through this though.


You might be able to really soon mate! :cheers


Very cool :slight_smile:

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Just picked up the Blacksands Orc with my contribution… Very cool beastman conversion model.

Thanks for the post Obsidian!


Hey I actually tipped the $4,000 scale and now we can look forward to these GOBLINS!!!


So the Imbrian kickstarter is doing well, but I would really like to see more of these figures coming in the future. I’ve already sent some cash Jody’s way and am excited to see what comes next.



Those tempt me sorely, great work!


Thanks for the support guys! Jody says thanks too! :cheers


Some updates regarding Imbrian Arts Kickstarter!

Thank you so much for funding this project. This first 24 hours has been incredibly exciting! Across the net backers have been asking to have the goblin set released so we’re making it our first priority. Once we reach this goal you’ll be able to buy goblins as a set or individually. New backers can purchase the set as a reward and current backers can simply add the cost of the set to their pledge. Easy!

And because the stretch was already made you now get a Necromancer Bat with the set for free!

Also some new stretches/concept art made available!

Vanara Monk:

The Rider:

The preferred mount of some outriders and desert rangers, a massive prehistoric bird. Difficult to train, but well suited to covering long distances quickly and capable of disemboweling any grown man with a single kick. Most enemies prefer to avoid direct confrontations with these agile and unpredictable creatures.


Some more updates!

Update- mini reward

I’m opening up the Necromancer Bat free reward to any backer who’s pledged $85 or more once we hit $8,500.

Only fair right?

Rider Unlocked!

The $9000 goal has been released! We’ll be able to fund the creation of the cassowary rider. You can add the Cassowary Rider to your order by adding $25 to your pledge for the basic model or $35 for the resin collectors version.

And one more with some art!
New Stretch goal- Asura and Gnoll

Every force includes at least one wizard. The Goblins have the troll druid and necromancer bat, the Undead are raised by powerful liches. The desert set will include an Asura sorceress. We’re also including a new gnoll miniature in the set. If the Asura gets funded the gnoll will too, and it will be included free in every order with the Asura in it.


Fungeins join the fun!

To help push us over the $12,000 mark and onto the complete desert peoples set I’m releasing Fungeins ahead of schedule! They’re quite a lively bunch and the perfect cohorts for your goblin force lead by a Necromancer Bat!

Add them to your order for just $15


I really like the idea behind this; I just wish there was a bundle that would cover everything without worrying about increasing the pledge with every new model…


Jody is certainly a talented scoulptor - and really like his Rackham-ish style. And the Goblins and Fungeins are so “me”. Love them.

But I really can’t support these American KS’s (shiped from the US). Cost me an fortune getting due to stupid feesd costums duty etc. - but hopefully the campaign is succesful and he then finds a EU retailer, so I can get hold them (though, I hate resin) :smiley:

Obsidian, do yo have any idea of the size of the Fungeins?


I’ll ask mate!

And if you want I can order anything you like and will ship them from here if that makes it better for you. :slight_smile:


Update #15: New Rewards, New Miniatures, New stretch goals!

So many updates!!! Ok I’ve added some really great deals to the rewards and backers are jumping on it! I’m offering a deal on every miniature in the kick starter plus every imbrian arts miniature sculpted from 01 Jan 2013 to 01 Jan 2014 for $350. Even better than that is the deal I’m offering for collector’s sets. Get every miniature sculpted during 2013 cast in resin plus the concept cards, certificates of authenticity and bones for $550. Both of these rewards are limited to 100 each, so get them while they’re here!

Now on to new miniatures! Liches are power wizards whose magic has allowed them to continue their study of necromancy and science well after their body has failed them. Secreting themselves away in their underground tombs they have continued to push the boundaries of science with the aid of their necromantic powers, creating some of the most ghastly monstrosities imaginable. But as the resources of their burial horde dwindle, and the technology of the surface has begun to make gains upon that of the underworld, they must venture fourth again in order to enslave and harness what can be learned of the outside world.

Update #16: Piper Unlocked, Free Ifrit, and Monk WIP
The piper has been unlocked and we’re well on our way to unlocking the next stretch goal, a free miniature! The Ifrit is a creature who is part of the desert peoples. If this stretch goal is unlocked any backer who pledges $110 or more will get one for free. Let’s make it happen!

I also have some WIP shots of the monk which is currently under way and will be finished in a few more days!

Update #17: Free Ifrit unlocked! Next stretch goal, zombies
We’re blazing through are stretch goals! The Ifrit has been unlocked and will be included in your order for FREE if you pledge $110 or more.

The next 3 stretch goals are aimed at creating a pack of zombies for the undead set. You can pick them up in the set, as a single add on, or in a 3 pack once all three are unlocked.


Last hours of the Kickstarter and i don’t have to tell you that if you want to be part of it you’d better hurry up! :wink:

Last stretch!

Less than 24 hours to go! Here’s a preview of the miniatures that will make up the Jungle Set. After the Demon Ammit unlocks at $55,000 the Jungle set will unlock at $64,000. Ammit will be available as an add on for $30 or $60 for resin. We can do this!
The Wild Elves!

The Elementalist has been unlocked! We’re now just a few miniatures away from a complete jungle set!
Of the many inhabitants of the deep jungles, The wild elves are probably the most cunningly cruel. They live completely apart from other races and respond to most forms of human diplomacy with the spear point.


Cool drawings and beautiful miniatures! Your friend is a real artist :slight_smile: