[Archive] Immortals WIP (update 20/7/08)


As my army consists of non big hat models I need to follow the look of the early figures and yet make these stand out as the main bodyguard unit. The unit will be 21 in 3 ranks of 7, I’m using my Mid-Nor dwarves as the base.

Working on the first 10, just getting the poses and the positioning in the unit sorted. I think I’ve been putting off getting started with the green stuff, only tentative steps so far. Wondering whether to just get one finished and painted to give me an idea of how they’ll look, paint hides a lot of sins.



Do not use SM helmets. The one with the converted face looks good, as does the khorne bunny ears, but the breather and the pipes clash.

Other than that looks good


The helmets are being used as a base, they will be green stuffed over.


I would shave off any breathing pipes and replace all the original heads.  Though the models are nice the heads are way too big.

The flexible bits on the inside forearm you should shave off, adding a smooth bit of greenstuff (cloth) or attempting some chainmail (poking in holes until it looks right).  Would look a lot less like a SM arm then.

A little tricky I know, but I think you should shave off any pointy thumbs on the hands and resculpt them onto the weapons.

BTW you should use any spare chaos terminator heads you have for heroes.


The helmets are being used as a base, they will be green stuffed over.

Judging from the guy who has already had this done to him, they should be pretty darn sweet! Keep us posted! :D


i like them.

are you intending to make the weapon hafts thicker?

if so, how are you planning on going about it?

i did a few models with double handed weapons using brass rod as weapon hafts, but they didnt look thick enough and im not confident enough with green stuff to thicken them out.

other than that, i think they are coming along great!


Wow Holy S*it those are great conversions :slight_smile:

What figures did you use to the champion, standard & musican?


I like the idea of using modified chaos space marine helmets for chaos dwarfs. I might have to use this idea for my own. But all in all your sculpting looks great Sharkboy.


As regards to the large size of the marine helmets it’s the same problem that others have had using chaos warrior helmets, it’s a human sized head stuck on a dwarf body. As this will be the only unit of these they will stand out as the army bodyguard, as long as the painting ties them to the rest of the army the cobbled together nature of them shouldn’t stand out too much.

I think that’s what I’m trying to say anyway.

As for the shafts of the weapons it’s going to be tricky, they are too thin so have to have GS over them. Option 1 is the bandage effect, winding flattened strips of GS around the wire which is not simple or Option 2 just thicken them and mark them for a wood effect. I’ll try both and hopefully I’ll get it right on at least one figure.

Thanks for all the advice and I’ll try and get one finished/painted and see if I’m going in the right direction.

Kera foehunter:

Kera take notes wow great job sharkboy i like them!!


Really nice idea, the marine heads are very original. The greenstuff on the champion is exquisite


As others have said the green stuff work is really superb. The facial detail (which I find particularly tricky) is of what I would consider a commercial level.


I’ve finally got round to putting some GS on these figures, wishing that there wasn’t going to be 21 in the unit. Think I’ll stick with the red and gold colours plus I’m using berserker helmets so Khorne should approve. The next update I’ll do is when these 10 are finished and painted, see if I’m happy with them and have a better idea how to do the next 11.


:o:o:oWOOOOOOWWWW! You are really good at working with GS. I’m rather envies of you. I like how these guys are turning out so far. I hope we can see these guys painted up as soon as they’re done.

Hashut’s Blessing:

The Greenstuff work is outstanding. Seeing it painted is even better. I could see it was done well, but when it has colour applied, it shows the work off even better! Also, the colour scheme and painting is done very well to boot. Glad you did thicken the weapons with the “bandage effect”. It makes them look more… useable as such. My favourite, by far, is the cyclopean fellow. Excellent work. Can’t wait to see them ALL done and ALL painted. So, get cracking :wink:


what pieces are you using for those armoured arms?

in paticular for post 13 3rd pic from the top the guy with the mace and giant tusks


I’ve been using chaos marine arms and shoulder pads. With the figures ending up with about 70% coverage of GS then the shoulder pads cut down on the work. Sections of the arms are also being covered and then given a chainmail effect, again it’s a time saving device, I’m not the quickest at this kind of stuff.


nice gs work, I wish I was that good.


Excellent work! You did a great job on the hafts of those weapons too. I never figured it would look that good. You are really good working with GS! Can hardly wait to see more.

Kera foehunter:

that so cool i like the one with the hook and the peg legged one

humm i wounder why.

nothing make a girl heart melt like scars and missing limbs