[Archive] Imperial Guardsmen tester


I haven’t really posted any pictures of my minis yet, this is mainly due to my poor photography skills. This one turned out though.

This is a guardsman I did to prove to a friend that his paint scheme worked, it was just that the technique he used wasn’t right (he was drybrushing everything)

This is one of two guardsmen made for a little building entry diorama I’m making.

I’m very pleased with how he’s turned out so far, but any suggestions for improvement are more than welcome

Hashut’s Blessing:

Looks nice, but I think if the trousers were a slightly different colour, it’d look better. Keep it that sort of shade and of a red hue, but have them brown, if possible. It’d just avoid it looking one piece and break up the red a little more. Nice red though and the scheme does work :wink:


Yeah I was thinking that, but looking at military uniforms today, more often than not the clothing is the same colour for the shirt and trousers. I’m thinking either slightly brighten the top, or slighty darken the pants… I have to blend that hand better now that I look at it too.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I’d say darken the trousers. Just personal preference.


I like it. I love guard and the plastic cadians are such a nice kit.

Leave the colours as they are, I really like them, they look “real” if you know what I mean.

I dont think the trousers should be a different colour, mine aren’t… “Hoth” guard

“Ranger” guard (dipped)


where did you get those cloaks, just they could be realy helpfull for my fledgling tanith army:)

I like the guard, and keep the pants the same colour, it looks good.


They’re from wood elf glade guard.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I was just thinking they look like Wood Elf heads and cloaks. It works well. Looks quite good for LotR Rangers. might steal that idea (anybody have need of Wood Elf bodies? :stuck_out_tongue: )