[Archive] Implications of a White Dwarf CD list


Well, the rumours continue to drift around of CD getting some love in 2009.

I’m wondering what the implications would be if it turned out to be a White Dwarf army list. Would GW even bother to release new miniatures to support it? I’m assuming not as I can’t remember them ever doing this before, at least not on a large scale.

Then of course there are the playtesting issues.


Well, some love is better than no love I guess. I think the list is fine right now (except for some small things), though I’d like to see some new magic items in order for CD characters to go toe to toe with other characters (cough chaos cough high elf…ahem pardon me).

Border Reiver:

Back in 4th/5th ed. all the Cd had was the White Dwarf list. I mean our army book was simply the articles all “attractively” bound all together. At this stage, any love is good love…

As for other lists that have been WD only only a few have had models released recently. I’m specifically thinking of the Kislev range being re-released and the introduction of Tsar Bohka, the Kossars and the Boyar on foot, and also the Cult of Ulric army with the Warrior Priest of Ulric and later the Teutogen Guard. Much like our beloved CDs, sales just didn’t warrant keeping them in the current sales range.

Of course, just like the way I got suckered into getting CDs, I also have a Kislev contingent and not one but 2 Cult of Ulric armies (one made out of '85 pattern Norse, and the other more “modern”).

Uzkul Werit:

If we did get a WD List, it would definitely signal the end of using Chaos Dwarfs in the GT (not that I mind though). Blood Angels are useable so they might be some hope.


If we did get a WD List, it would definitely signal the end of using Chaos Dwarfs in the GT (not that I mind though). Blood Angels are useable so they might be some hope.

Uzkul Werit
The WD blood angel army list was specifically to allow them to be used in the UK GT.[/i]


Yes it was. Also I quite like converting these stunties as it has given me a new life in the hobby. To be honest anything CD I would love to see and if its another White Dwarf Presents: CD so be it.

Uzkul Werit:

And the White Dwarf in question wouldn’t cost as much as an army book. But the latter would still be nice.


I seem to remember reading in one of the WDs that the BA list is designed more to keep people appy untill the official codex comes out, perhaps that will happen for CDs…


i would love to see a new list to make them more in line with the abilities of the other races (you have to admit we are lagging behind a bit) no t5 characters, not a huge selection of magic items, no spell list of our own, no relentless!!!

heres hoping, as long as gav “the destroyer of codexes” thorpe does not do it

Traitor King:

Whats wrong with Gav?

Hasnt there been rumours that he’s doing the rumoured '09 book?


i cant really see the point of comparing chaos dwarves to blood angels. blood angels were the most popular space marine army when i first started my gaming career some 15 years ago, and are still in the top four now. I think that the fact they will get a codex AS WELL AS the white dwarf articles isnt an implication the same will happen for us, it is likely to be one or the other. Of course i wouldnt complain about getting anything.


Gav is wrighting a CD book right now, and when i talked to hin he didn’t mention it was a WD article

Uzkul Werit:

Pfh. Last Games Day I asked Games Dev about it and I got laughed off. :~

We do have T5 Heros - the Bull Centaur Hero! Besides, Ld10 is much nicer than a high toughness. A high toughness would benefit one model only where as a high Leadership can benefit everyone.


I agree with uzkul there, it can be a battle winner to pass leadership tests. I think heroes inside units are hard enough to kill anyway.


werit, i talked to Gav himself 3 months ago at games workshop HQ and asked, and he said it was in the works for mid 2009, so that makes me happy so please don’t go popping my bubble

Uzkul Werit:

I wasn’t even dreaming about popping your bubble, minty man. Sorry if it came across that way. tips hat

It is most likely just bad luck on my part. Perhaps wearing a big hat there was a bad idea.


Thanks Minty, reading your post made my day.

(do you work at GW or something?)


its good that there will be one, as for gav take a look at the chaos codex for 40k, imho and that of most of the gaming club where i am its a complete shambles


Uhhhhh… What?

- Tallhat


I think he was referring to the “nerfing” of the new Chaos Codex.

For my own part I’d just take a update to the PDF rules, I really do not need a full blosn army book. The list is only lacking in a few areas, but not glaringly so. In now particular order: A wider selection of magic items (particularly banners), a upgrade for chaos dwarf warriors to Immortals ala the Longbeards in the standard dwarf list and perhaps the return of “lava magic” from the old 4th/5th edition days.