[Archive] In universe reaction thread


Just thought of a fun little idea for a forum game. Post a reaction to the ET and formation of the AoS universe from the in-universe perspective of one of the many characters in WH.


To start us off:

Post ET, Tzeentch is sitting in a corner, rocking back and forth and squawking “Not as planned! Not as planned!”



Grimgor Ironhide is making his Chaos Dwarf slaves clean his boots and fetch him Squigbeer


Drazhoath the Ashen: "Still down here, guys. Guys? Hello?"

Cinderbreath: “hrmph!”


Astragoth Ironhand set foot on Regalia’s ground, watching the new world with eyes filled with contempt. Behind him the massive ziggurat-rocket stood ominous, containing the rest of Zharr Naggrund’s survivors.

“Fetch the slavers” he said to his attendants. “There’s a village behind that hill an we need to buil Hashut a new temple.”


Gronk the ancient stone troll parted the rocks at the entrance to his cave and slowly moved out to look around.

He saw a changed landscape, but that in itself didn’t bother him.

He watched the man-things scurrying around in their usual state of chaos.

He remembered when they’d first appeared. They didn’t seem different.

He remembered than they tasted good.

He remembered the annoying greenskined ones that tasted sour but couldn’t smell any.

He remembered the black green one too, the one as hard as stone. He found lots of good food when he was around.

Then he remembered the noise and the panic of all the smaller critters. And the stench beyond anything he’d smelt before.

Such a foul smell as could only have come from the Great World makers themselves.

Causiously he sniffed the air, the bad smell had gone. The world smelled different, not the same.

Was it bad? He wasn’t sure.

Slowly he backed up into his cave and resealed it with his magic.

I’ll just wait for another year or so and see if the bad stink is gone yet.