[Archive] Inconsistent FAQ answers


Q. Does the Hellcannon benefit from the Daemonsmith�?Ts re-rolls?
A. Yes, as long as they are selected as part of a Legion of Azgorh army.
Q. Can an Iron Daemon benefit from the re-roll granted to a war machine by the Infernal Engineer rule?
A. No. The Iron Daemon is a Unique Unit and not a War Machine as shown in its troop type.
Herpedy derp.


I really dont think its that herp derp. A hell cannon is a warmachine in as fact that it has the stone thrower part of its profile. Where as the iron daemon is classed as a unique. Which means it does not share the warmachine profile.

Da Crusha:

a hellcannon is a monster, not a warmachine. it does fire like a stone thrower though. the thing that doesnt make sense is the fact that the iron deamon is machine, and cant benefit from a reroll for warmachines.


The hellcannon use artillery and scatter dice when it wants to fire and to determine when to hit. Iron Daemon only uses artillery dice to determine how many shots it will fire, then the BS of the crew to determine if it will hit. I think it’s as easy as that. BS shooting isn’t rerollable with daemonsmiths rule, but shooting treated like warmachines is. Not like the Iron Daemon will suffer from at alot of misfires anyway, in fact i think someone did the math and it will average somewhere between 6-8 shots each turn, which is still pretty good if you ask me!


I can see how one can make some sense of the ruling, but it’s certainly non-intuitive given that it’s still a machine. Sure, in gaming terms it works a certain way, but it’s still a machine built by Chaos Dwarfs (and can even be Hellbound), it looks like a machine, but we aren’t supposed to treat it like a machine when Daemonsmiths are near. Too bad really, the re-roll would make the Iron Daemon significantly better. Certainly not unbalanced or ‘broken’, but I’d be much more likely to field one again!



I’m just glad I can reroll my Hellcannon…