[Archive] indy GT vs Ravening hordes lists


Hello all!

So, I’m a somewhat new lurker to the CDO community and I have a sort of ‘basic building block’ question.

What’s the difference between the Indy G-T list and the Ravening Hordes list?

is one considered more ‘friendly’ one more ‘competitive’? Is one overall agreed upon as ‘better’?

I have and enjoy the GT list (colored bronzed big hat on cover) but would like to know more about the RH list (even where to get it).

Mostly, I really enjoy the ‘demonsmiths’ and ‘Obsidian guard’ in the GT list. (well, that and slave fodder to. Eat it skaven!!!)

Hashut’s Blessing:

The Ravening Hordes list is more official, being made by GW, but neither is truly official.

Regarding friendly and competitive - the GT list is theoretically more competitive as it was designed for the GTs :wink:

Bottom line is though: CDO have made an FAQ to make the RH list work in 8th edition, whereas the Indy GT list is stuk in 7th edition.


The Indy list has some hideous flaws. RH is kinda more uniform. Neither are great, but RH is the better choice imo, especially if the errata is applied. I think RH is actually the more competitive of the two.

Thommy H’s list is the best one imo, but its a true fanlist with no endorsement beyond CDO.