[Archive] Infernal Engineers and Hellcannons


Scanned the forum but did not find anything on this topic (granted i am not the most observant).

Can a Deamonsmith use his infernal engineer ability on a Hellcannon which is classed as a monster rather than a war machine.

Anyway, this issue came up in my last game after i decided to try to use the ability on a hellcannon and we decided that he can only use it on war machines.

Our reasoning was the Hellcannon is a monster, though it may fire as a war machine it is not one by rights of its 8th edition unit profile, thus an deamonsmith would not be allowed to re-roll any dice for it.

Just wondering if any one else has run into this issue and if so how did you handle it. I have been deliberating and have come to the conclusion that we were correct in our ruling, but would like to know how more experienced players have dealt with the issue.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Based on the updated FAQ, it shouldn’t affect it - it omits the Iron Daemon because “it is a Unique Unit, not a War Machine”.

Thommy H:

The FAQ specifically says it works on the Hellcannon, actually, but only if bought as part of the Legion of Azgorh list (so not if you take it for your Warriors of Chaos and you have some Chaos Dwarfs as well).


Yeah I used it on my hellcannon last week and it does say in the FAQ that his ability works on the Hellcannon for LoA

Q. Does the Hellcannon benefit from the Daemonsmith�?Ts re-rolls?

A. Yes, as long as they are selected as part of a Legion of Azgorh army.


sweet and thanks for the responses. i will now dedicate my time to finding and downloading the FAQ. Will it be in the GW or FW website?

Thommy H:

It will be right here.


Thanks for the link much appreciated. :smiley: