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Coming from tomb kings where our core with shooting has a massive choice between arrows or arrows, I’m unsure whether or not to go with fireglaives or the blunderbuss. I plan on having a unit of 20-30 with a BSB as an anvil, and am stumped on whether I want halberds that shoot or blunderbusses and give up range for hilarious amounts of shots? Lastly, since the upgrades make them cost at/a bit more than Ironsworn, should I just replace them with ironsworn?

Also, my understanding is that I give up the hand weapon/shield for fireglaives but not for the blunderbuss. Is that correct?


Just my point on the matter, dosent weigh much since I lack experience.

Vanilla IG, good choise all the time. Will work in most setups and pretty much any sieze.

Gw, bit expensive, but I think they should function well in small to medium siezed units. Decent as a hammer unit to say the least.

Fireglaves, expensive, mediocre bs. I can se them working in small units, can shoot some turns then support with flank charges. Problem is that hobgobs with bows will prolly almost always be a better choise. But I’m somewhat curios how they would function in a MSU style aproch, will have to proxy them some games. But deffenetly a dodgy unit going by the numbers.

Blunderbusses. Expensive really really expensive. They do however retain their shield in cc and are a good choise for going points denial. So in other words go big or go home, dont forget to make em stubborn.

Ironsworn. Expensive and dont really do anything a regular IG dosent already do cheaper. CD’s bigest drawback is the hefty points cost on all things, making your army even smaller taking these guys dosent make much sense to me. Also are more intresting things to lay your points on.

So answearing you question, id go for the 30’ish strong BB unit. Add a banner and you have filled your core alotment in most cases.


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First of all give a look to the LOA summary article here. Then take a gander at the Daemonsmith Handbook here.

Now, regarding your question, avoid to take Infernal Ironsworn!!! Why? They cost too many points and die way too easily… Plus they don’t have many attacks so they don’t dish out much hurt.

About Blunderbusses, some people say they work wonders!!! If you look at the Battle report section you’ll read of whole units of Skaven, Elves and even Chaos Warriors erased in a single, devasting volley.
Personally I don’t like them because a unit of blunderbusses can potentially die easily (thanks to magic maybe) and I don’t like to have “all eggs in one basket”.

If you want an anvil go for Infernal Guards with Hand Weapon & Shield, they have a 3+ save and the extra points can allow you to buy a hammer such as a unit of Fireborn or Bull Centaurs. Plus, if you really want a shooting unit other than warmachines get some Hobgoblins with bow! They are cheap and they have a longer range (although they don’t kill much stuff:P).


I have played about 20 or more games with my LOA list (look in reports for Chaos Dwarfs first day out), I always run a big brick of 36 to 38 with blunderbusses and banner of fire. You know what that does? Gods help ANYONE who gets hit with ash storm and then shot. Even 1 wound is deadly, don’t care if you have a 1+ save. Too many shots and your on fire, you will burn.

As to the fireglavies, I have not run a single game with them. But having looked at the math, yah no. Here is a systematic break down of the problems.

1 Shot each.

Low BS and you don’t get the benefit of ignoring just about every ranged penalty like the blunderbusses do.

You loss the shield once in hand to hand. This is massive, you have a 3+ 6++ with a shield, with out it you get a 4+ that’s it. 4+ save is chump shit, its for light cav and light infantry.

Lastly, since your armour save is now crap and you still have Inv 2, you need more bodies, I would say at least 10 more. Why? Because your going to loose so many guys once you get stuck into real combat that you will need the bodies to swing back.

I personally disagree with just about everyone on the subject of bull-centaurs and fireborn(not destroyer).

Both units lack massively from offense power, they generate so lil wound attack power its sad. 50pts for 2 attacks? Sure they are hard to hurt, but damage output is sad truly sad.


I’ve been running a unit of 12 IG with Fireglaives and I love the unit. It is a great flanker, with the S5 attacks being surprisingly handly, and can take on enemy chaff or flank units. The shooting is, as has been mentioned, usually pretty meh. If you assume longrange and moving you should only hit with 2 shots a turn, wounding once. But if you are are close range and haven’t moved that’s an average of 3-4 wounds on most things you’ll target. And I have had them really surprise me (and my opponents!). About every other game I’ve played with them I’ve had them work wonders, killing a DE Supreme Sorceress (lured out of her unit by Ashstorm), a TK Bone Giant (or whatever they are called these days), and multiple units of Chamo Skinks. I would not, however, want to arm a unit bigger than 12-14 of these guys with Fireglaives simply due to the cost. the way I run them anything they kill with shooting is a bonus. If you ahve a unit of 20 the shooting has to be effective with so many points in the unit. I haven’t tried a unit with blunderbusses yet, but 30 is probably the min size I would go if I were to try them.