[Archive] Inkum-Blinkum tax finished!

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Hooray! i finished and submitted my income tax for the store and personal.

Glad it’s done! Took me 4 days to put all the little papers in the book, etc.

I HATE doing Income Tax!

now i can go back to something more productive…like building CD’s!~


I hear ya, Tarrack, I have my tax appointment with H&R Block tomorrow. I mislaid my T4 and had to get a reprint, was really worried about it for awhile, but hopefully by tomorrow, it will be all over for this year.


I hate the US tax system. It is set up to employ more accountants. I did mine back in February and got a nice rebate.


My taxoffice sends me a pre-filled form. If I don’t have anything to change I don’t have to do anything, if I want to make changes (usually deductions) I’ll note the changes and send in the form. Don’t even have to send in any receipts anymore…

Jealous much?

Though I still believe company taxes are still a bit more complicated. Done on-line mostly. At least for larger companies.


I’m almost an accountant and I don’t do my own taxes. and I won’t do other people’s taxes either, unless they want to pay me and get audited :stuck_out_tongue:

I collect my info and send it off to my accountant. it’s already been submitted, now i’m waiting on my return! $$$ but not as much as prior years.


Ah, the joys of TurboTax and a government job.


Turbo Tax… and I don’t have a gov’t job.   works fine for me.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Turbo-Tax? All I have is a BIG pile of recipts, bills, calculator, pencil and a “Log Book” from H&R Block!

Just so you guys know, Canadian Income Tax has to be compleated by April 30th.


April 15th in the US…

Kera foehunter:

Just pay your taxes!!!  ha ha  if everone pay there share the world be a better place!!!

btw i got 305.00 Dollars back from Uncle Sam


O the joys of not paying taxes it seams there are some peeks to being a teenager.


Nah, not really. Being a teenager means that you still have all your tax years yet to pay. Being an adult means that you’ve got (Tax years - number of years already paid) left to go.

Have fun with all that debt over your head…


Im a Jew and do my own… No Joke!