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Hi, I’m after some advice on what to value an army at for insurance purposes.

I had my appilcation for insurance knocked back recently because it was ‘over valued’. I’ve been woking on 3 metal figures for twenty to twenty five dollars.

I also have some 3rd edition figures which cost alot more than they cost originally.

Many thanks for your help, Dragoncrag


Is there such a thing as a ‘miniature appraiser’? For jewellery, if you have it appraised by an accredited person, insurance companies will accept that documentation.

I don’t know if there is such a service, but if there were, getting a ‘certificate of appraised value’ would probably help you out. I think…?


Well, i think you can insure upto an amount, go through and figure out the MAXIMUM replacemnt value for everything - buy it now’s on eBay is a good guide, tot it up.

That should work, -right?

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Keep your recipts.

As a hobby store owner, I can say that they want to know a basic ammount of what you paid for the items. They will base the coverage off that more than they will with “Your Word” of what the value is to you.

Also, if you can find an apraiser, like what was mentioned above, and get a statement, this will help out too.


I can only imagine that you’d need to provide some sort of ‘going rate’ for your collectables. This service must be available as people insure collector’s items all the time. Auction house valuations are sometimes accepted but tbh the most accurate readout you’ll get is from Ebay and I doubt that’s acceptable.

Thommy H:

Sad to say, but I think valuing it any higher than the price of the actual figures is always going to raise eyebrows. In a technical sense, no matter what a decently painted figure sells for on eBay, as soon as you open a blister and start slapping paint on, the product is depreciating in value. We all know there’s a kind of “tipping point” between a model that will need stripping before you use it (so is worth less than something NIB ) and a model sold as painted (so is worth more than NIB ) - but how can you explain this nebulous concept to an outsider?

So go with what you’d have to pay to replace it, taking data from appropriate online auctions for OOP models.