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Disciple of Nagash:

Hello and bloodiest greetings from Carpe Noctem!

I am posting this in your main section, as it does actively involve your forum, however if mods feel that if may be better else where, please feel free to move it.

As you may have already guessed from the title of this thread, over at CN we cleared out the zombies and our darkest and most twisted minds was wondering what to do next for some fun�?�…and then catching sight of the recent Euro 2012 and Olympic Games the thought a little competition might be interesting!

As some of you may know, many of the sites have WFO (Warhammer Fantasy Online) systems, were you can login and enjoy a game of warhammer with your forum friends halfway around the world. Some of them use MS paint, but more recently many have moved over to utilising Battle Chronicler.

CN did indeed pilot this system, and for those who still aren�?Tt sure what it is, you can see examples here: http://www.vampirecounts.net/Forum-The-Fields-of-Blood-WFO-Section

So our idea was, wouldn�?Tt it be good for each race-orientated forum to come up with that dream team of an army, pick their best general and send them forth as the ambassador of that forum? Not only would it be great fun for the members, get them cheering on their team, it can only be good publicity for all the forums involved.

It would be a knock-out style tournament (similar to football), and I am sure those of us who have sponsors would be able to get them involved for some decent prizes.

Now admittedly we have only just scratched the surface of this idea, and we have stopped any more development on purpose. We think that the concept and rules should be something that all forums should be happy with, therefore we would like to propose the following:

A forum that is interested should talk amongst itself, with involvement from the forum staff. If they would like to at least talk and possibly develop it further, they should nominate 2 people to represent their forum. Ideally at least one of them should be an Admin/Mod as they will be representing the best interests of their said forum.

These people can then form an inter-forum committee, who will discuss and hopefully come with an agreeable set of rules, process for this competition.

Thus hopefully a great competition will develop, and if it works perhaps this could become a yearly competition where each forum strives to claim the honour of having their army trounce all the others!

So if this does sound interesting then please reply here, or send me a PM here or on CN. I will be one of CN�?Ts representatives, and will be coordinating things until the committee is formed and can run itself.


Disciple of Nagash

Carpe Noctem Owner


This is a spectacular idea i would love to see this happen.


I second that. The chaos dwarfs can enslave all other forums in one foul swoop!


i agree with the above. the idea is certainly interesting !