[Archive] interested in selling anround 60 cd's


I�?Tm not offering to sell them on this thread I am just wondering at what sought of price this will get from eBay

They all are the 1 pose plastics no shields and most have bases non painted.

Thanks for helping.

Pyro Stick:

Probably anything up to £30.

Hashut’s Blessing:

It depeneds upon what size groups you’d sell them. I think either 3 lots of 10 or 2 lots of 15 would be best. Lots of 10, I’d pay up to maybe £15 for them, due to their rarity nowadaysd. Units of 15? Probably no more than £20-£25. And about £3.50 p&p would be expected if in England.


Thanks for the feedback guys if i sell them I will be sure to place a link in thid market place.