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So I came into the GW shop as I was requested by the staff to bring in my Chaos Dwarfs for a Mighty Empires event. Gladly, I accepted and brought in two full cases of my mighty evil stunties.

It had been months since I played last so I was looking forward to a good game. The setup was good versus evil and I obviously was on the side of evil. Working with me was a High Elf player with 3000 points of High Elves. They asked me to come up with 2500 Points of Chaos Dwarfs.

We were facing Lizardmen, Empire, and another army of Empire. The setup was really weird.

I took the following as an estimate since my list isn’t in front of me

1 Chaos Dwarf Lord, Black Hammer of Hashut, Gauntlets of Bazhrakk, Armor of Gazrakh

3 Level 2 Sorcerers, 2 fire, 1 metal (Metal Mage got Spirit of the forge, hoooo I love that spell! )

2 Units of 22 Chaos Dwarf Warriors, full command

2 Units of 20 Blunderbusses, full command

40 Hobgoblins with Bows

2 Units of 20 Sneaky Gits, Full Command

1 Chaos Dwarf Death Rocket

2 Hobgoblin Bolt Throwers

2 Earthshaker Cannons

The Goal was to basically provide take hold of some woods and a tower. Since some scouts were deployed in the woods, I placed my blunderbusses near those. I provided fire support against the Lizardmen player and Empire players Cold One Saurus Riders and Empire Knights on the High Elf players weak side with my artillery, and left a death rocket and the two bolt throwers on the other side.

Placed two lines of Hobgoblin Archers 20 long to protect my warriors and Sneaky gits, and baited my opponent and waited.

Basically I knew I could get ahold of the woods, but never the tower. Too much marching and we only had 4 turns to do anything.

Basic Summary? Total Loss Chaos Dwarf Side: 7 Models, mostly hobgoblins

Empire Player? EVERYTHING. GONE. DEAD…Kaput. Same for the lizardmen player I shelled to death.

Highlights of the game:

37 Arrows raining down on Empire troops from Hobgoblins and slaughtering over 15 troops is freaking priceless. I realize statistically it may be a fluke, but man was it satisifying to have my meat shield line slaughter so many in one round of shooting.

Irresistible Force Spirit of the Forge killing 7 out of 9 Mounted Empire Knights and causing them to panic and nearly flee off of the table. They rallied due to the hero.

And my favorite part…

Empire player sets himself up for the charge. Watches as I reform an entire line of hobgoblin archers in a solid block of 20 and 2 units of 20 slathering hungry blood lust filled Sneaky Gits are revealead. He moves in for the charge…fails…

Sneaky Gits Charge…frontage is 7 wide…they manage absolute DEVASTATION. On the charge they managed to hit all but 1 of their 15 attacks and 8 of those attacks were sixes!!! Rolled to wound and got 3 more wounded. Empire Player needed snake eyes to stay…failed…Sneaky gits leapt on them and cut them down to a man, catching them compared to his roll of 5 to my 6. Gods that was awesome.

Interesting Tactic with Sneaky Gits you can use, which is what I did.

H= Hobgoblin Archers

S=Sneaky Gits

C=Chaos Dwarfs









Did a Reform all in the same turn for three of units

So the above, turned into this (Very crude, sorry about that)









Worked out beautifully. Interestingly enough, one can probably use this tactic with Lore of Shadows I’d imagine. It’d be pretty interesting in use. The Empire player wasn’t expecting this honestly, and I did catch him off guard with the Sneaky Gits. Still, it’s a nice tactic to use and with reforming, you can pull off interesting things that can turn the tide of the game. The only downside is the loss of your turn with that unit after the reform, but hey…if it works…go for it.

So in summary, Sneaky gits are actually useful. I’m glad I finally got to use them. Honestly the best way I can see using them is as small flanking units or Bait and slaughter tactics. By having the Archers run, if the Sneaky Gits are already reformed, you can have them counter charge the failed chargers, and hopefully put in some serious damage. As always though, try and pick your targets carefully.

The store could not believe the damage I was wreaking though. I was just slaughtering everything. Moreso though, the game was nice, fun, relaxing, and was played out nicely.

Pyro Stick:

Theres a lot of good strategy and advice in there. I only wish i had that much luck when i played against Empire.


man you kicked there ass! And I think the whole 15 dead empire through hobbo shooting shows that anything (yes even hobbo shooting…) can have a pretty big effect. And you proved to us that sneaky gits are not completely useless (main word there being completely)


Hobbo shooting is under rated. BS3 is as good as humans, they have bows not short bows and cost 5pts a model, so you can take loads. Admittedly this sort of thing was far better in 5th ed when higher ground allowed ALL models in the unit to shoot, but hey, never mind.


Moved to Battle Reports! This section is lacking enough as it is, so it deserves this thread. :slight_smile:

I haven’t yet played any Mighty Empires… perhaps I will look into it.


Very intersting battle. Good to show that we still has it in us to hit hard!

D’dos Croizii:

Victory through Superior Firepower.

Congrats, awesome result and on the side, did your Chaos Dwarfs even get a chance to attack? :smiley:


Nope, not really.

We’ll see how this weekend goes. I have a GW tourney, 3k points. Making up the list is proving problematic as I am trying to make a magic decent horde army of slaves.

We’ll see.