[Archive] Interesting model for hobgoblin shaman (not mine)


Saw this and thought he looked like the perfect hobgoblin shaman:


Hopefully that link works

Pyro Stick:

Thats quite cool but it looks more like a night goblin with its hood down. The staff looks more like something an Orc shaman would have as well but i guess it could still work well as a hobgoblin shaman, if there is such a thing. That would be a cool theme for the next AC thats based on rules!


looks nice, but for my Hobbos a little bit too savage. is this guy from avatars of war?


nice looking mini, very primal looking and interesting sculpt. I wouldnt balk at seeing as a hobgob.


Its a model soon to be released from Red Box Games. It’s not on the website yet.

Kera foehunter:

that what make him so hot!!! snotling!

he a shaman !!!they live in the wild !! He be a plain magic user if he lived with the hobgoblinsin there citys


wow what a nose! an i think that they should look savage. since the CD dont really give them uniforms.