[Archive] Intro to my work


Well, as i’m only new, and I have seen yours, I would like to show you mine…

This was my first attempt, which i cant really copy now since this era chaos warrior and dwarf warrior no longer exist. The beard was

Milliput, my pre-GS days



And the first (almost done) Sneaky Git.


Unfortunately these are my only photos available at the moment. My army plan is currently very fluid… but big hats will be the key i think


they look good. i like the shield you are using.


I like it, good for a first GS attempt, mine scares me, it hides in the bitz boxgrowling whener it try to move it…I call it bitey:)

aslso, you can still get the chaos warrior parts, you just need to mail order the sprue, but it’s still on the online store/mail order point

Ghrask Dragh:

That warrior looks awesome :hat off. Nice work on the sneeky git too.

Good intro Narflung, can’t wait to see more of those warriors, keep it up!


The old plastic dwarfs should still be available from GW, and there is always ebay.

Kera foehunter:

great job on the c.d. i like the colors i love the version 6th dwarf too.

Ghrask Dragh:

The old plastic dwarfs should still be available from GW, and there is always ebay.

:~ I couldn't find them at GW's store, had to go to eBay for mine (and got them alot cheaper than what they would be if GW did sell them too!)


Thanks all,

Malificant - the shield is a cut down version of an old Chaos Warrior shield (the old single piece plastic chaos warrior)

I’ve just written up a calendar for a painting schedule, kind of like what Nigel Stilman did in WD 193(?) - month of painting witch elves. I should have my sneaky gitz done by the end of feb… fingers crossed… you shall see photos of what i have done by then…


I like the dullness of the sneaky git, very nice.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I think that’s the first time I’ve seen that colour scheme pulled off properly and one of the best versions of that conversion I’ve seen and combined make it a brilliant model. Well done.


Thanks all, that has definately made me have a serious think of what direvtion i want to take my army in… We’ll see how my scratch build goes…

And yeah, I was pretty happy with the colour scheme.