[Archive] Introductions: New members post here!


Say hi, and maybe a bit about yourself:

Hey, I am [[Xander]], I have been playing Warhammer for about 10 years. I own a handful of tall-hat figures but right now I am working on a Hellcannon style Chaos Dwarf force. I also play Orcs & Goblins and Chaos.

Your turn! :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey, I’m [[Ellimist]] (your friendly neighbourhood mod).

I’ve been a Warhammer player for around 4 years, playing first Wood Elves, and now the Chaos Dwarfs.

My current goal for my army is to finish all the painting and converting required to complete a 2000 point army. It will be a mix of most of the traditional and new depictions of the CDs, with a strong emphasis on machines and daemon-powering.

In real life, I’m a 19 year old student, studying law in New Zealand. I enjoy snowboarding, and sing opera.

Welcome to all our new members!

Hashut’s Blessing:

I am Hashut’s Blessing. I am a mod. I have nothing else to say. I would only brag. I’m like that. Now I am saying more. Oh well. May I ever ramble. P.S. I have a beard and it is semi-curly! Go me! I am the only English Dwarf! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!


Yo-ho, I’m Snotling, yeah right, that small, green creep. ^^

No, not really. In this moment, I’m a 19 years old student who lives near Berlin in Germany.

I started playing Warhammer in the age of 11 (okay, i stared to sample and paint minis, my first game was when I was 13 :)). It was the 5th Edition, so now I’m kind of an “Old One” ^^. The only army i had were the Lizardmen, they were my one and only army. But in the years of playing the 6th edition, I learned to love teh Chaosdwarfs. Not because they had these stupid comic-look minis (which doesn’t look evil! ^^), no I liked the fact that they are almost forgotten… GW’s lost army… lost, but alive…

The crew of the Hell Cannon was awefull and I hoped, that there will be a new army book and new minis, too… but there was nothing… till the BfSP box was born! ^^ Yeehaa, my dreams became truth, cheap minis, perfekt bases for CD’s! Last December, i stopped working on my Lizardmen (which are a nice army, now) and started converting my new hordes of Hashut!

…so let’s go and burn something… MWAHARHARHAR


I am the self-proclaimed Styrofoam King. I started playing when I was about 10 (take THAT, Snotling!).��Since then, I have played about… 5 battles. Yeah. -_-

Anyway, I’ve become an avid house-rules writer for Warhammer Quest & Mordheim, two forgotten GW games (which, of course, makes me a perfect sympathizer for Chaos Dwarfs.)��I own a LARGE (100+) collection of Big Hats and at least 150+ Dwarfs.

I am 22, live near Washington DC, USA, and have a degree in Music Theatre. Also a huge fan of comics, both Western and Eastern.


hmmm… introductions huh?

Well, my name is Raymond, I’m 30(ish) have been playing since my early teens. I live in Christchurch, New Zealand & I work at the local Polytech looking after the computers going in and out (they are on a lease cycle, we don’t own them).

As for toy soldiers, over the years i’ve accumulated (and painted :() the following:

Hordes of Chaos: 5,000 pts.

Skaven: 4,000 pts.

Lizardmen: 3,000 pts.

Empire: 2,500 pts.

Tomb Kings: 2,500 pts.

Vampire Counts: 3,000 pts.

Orcs and Goblins 1,200 pts.

Dwarfs: 2,500 pts.

Chaos Dwarfs: 2,500 pts. (still in the process of getting this army collected and painted)

Those of you who are still reading, will have noticed that I am still in the process of collecting and painting my newest addition, the mighty Dawi Zharr. The even more observant of you will have noted that I have made a post in the market place part of the forum looking to buy old CD miniatures:


If any of you actually have any of the old ones spare, it would help me out a lot :slight_smile:


Wallacer- Christchurch huh? Would you have happened to have been at southcon last year?


kiwis… I swear, GW must make 70% of it’s business in New Zealand o_0. (not a bad thing, mind you. As far as I know, ‘kiwi’ is not an offensive term. If it, I’ll start running…



Well, I’m someone2040. Don’t ask where the name comes from, nowdays I just use it… because it’s a common identity I can spread across forums. So much easier to use a common username and I’ve been using it for a while.

Real name Mathew, that’s right, with one ‘t’! I live in South Australia, 19 years old turning 20, and 3rd year Computer Science student.

I started playing warhammer back when I was about… 11-12ish. Of course back then, I didn’t have the proper rules and me and my friend pretty much winged it on our interpretations of what the stats meant!

I collect Lizardmen. I have about… 3kish if I really push my heroes for items.

I also have a small league of Ogre Kingdoms, pretty much the Batallion box with 1 converted two-headed ogre (hero version… I cant remember the name of the hero >.<) and a Butcher.

I recently traded some old goblins I had for the Dwarven part of the Battle for Skull Pass on the basis of having some fun practicing my conversion skills to conver them into Chaos Dwarves. Got a soft spot for them I guess, being almost forgotten by GW.

So, maybe you’ll see some of my models in the future.


Welcome guys! We are a pretty varied bunch, which is great. Diversification for the win. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lord Zarkov:

I’m Lord Zarkov & I’ve been playing for about 6years now; most of that with CDs (although I started with WE). I was inspired by the blurb in RH and got hooked; I now have a large force (10K) which is mostly painted and is constantly expanding.

I have dabbled in otherthings (like skaven for a while (then I painted clanrats); and more recently Chaos) but have always returned to my CDs and added a little more.


Wallacer- Christchurch huh? Would you have happened to have been at southcon last year?

Yes, I was. I was playing my Tomb Kings army. If you want to chat we should probably do it via PMs otherwise Xander will send his Bull Centaurs after us :shy:


Haha, no I won’t just make a thread in the Off-Topic section! I’d love to see some pics from this Southcon!


Well considering that I technically am one of his BCs… :slight_smile:

But you’re right. On with the introductions!

Hashut’s Blessing:

Yay, I’m a Bull Centaur! Go me! Hey all! Hope you’re well! (By which I mean, I hope your beard is full, your tusks sharp and your slaves adequate.)


Welcome guys! We are a pretty varied bunch, which is great. Diversification for the win. :P

And a big hi there,

Alan, living in the Lakes in England (though from that there London). Now approaching forty in age. Been collecting armies for an eon or two, though in truth I've not bought anything new for many a year. I only include painted armies for myself so Vampire Counts, High Elves, Wood Elves, Empire and Dwarfs. Not been to a tourny for almost ten years. Like that to change, but being a Dad - y'know...

I was one of those that started buying figures when they were cheap as chips back in the early eighties. Presently putting together a Chaos army using only the mountain of lead I have. It's nice to realise that you can put together and paint an army without having to buy anything. I made the jump to armies back in the early nineties when I spent some time out in Berlin. Learning the language slowly meant I had spare time, so I had my figures sent out to me to paint when things were slow.

Why am I here?

Well, I've always liked the potential and the character of the Chaos Dwarves but never liked the figures (sorry, I might add that I accept that others do and that is all fine and good by me). I still feel that there is a lot of potential to make a very different army - the slowness of the dwarfs coupled with angry ranks of faster slaves. It's also a converters dream. I was impressed by Xander's work in the Glass Cabinet elsewhere, so who knows?

For what it's worth I'd be happy for an updated and interesting list. I don't require, as such, a new range. I'm happy to convert after all, we're a bit spoilt these days. Back in 4th there were whole regiments you had to convert and I rather like that sort of thing.

Me? I'd be chuffed with a decent WD list. That's not the way of things now I know, but it'd make me dig through the lead and BfSP plastics. Indeed, I still might - so I'm here to be inspired.

Good work Mr. X.



Welcome aboard Alan! Glad my work could inspire you. :slight_smile:

The Flying Beaver:

I’m The Flying Beaver, one of your admins. I frequent a lot of forums, so it’s possible that many of you have seen me somewhere else. I’m 17 years old, and I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. I’ve been playing for about 4 years now, and have collected quite the horde. My first army was chaos nurgle, and now I have 8000 points of it. I managed to get some good deals on Dark Elf and Vampire Counts, so I have 2500 and 3500 points respectively of those. However, my true love is the Chaos Dwarfs. I’ve made 2000 points of a converted small-hat style and it’s my pride and joy as well as a source of admiration in my gaming club.

Anyway, I’m here to help so if anyone has anything to ask about anything, you can feel free to send me a pm or add me on MSN.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Good to see ya around Mr. Beaver!


Beave, I don’t think I have seen much of your army, do you have pictures?