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hello, all. I am Lamassu. Ive been playing warhammer since 5th edition. I dabbled in the idea of chaos dwarves just before they discontinued the little hellions. I tried my hand at at few armies that piqued my interest, and had eventually settled on ogres. Recently my gaming community had started a buildit-as-you-go escalating tourney, I had the dwarves left untouched from the BfSP set, and a good friend reminded me of the worshipers of Hashut. Im now on my way to converting larger and larger warband forces of the little guys, with my ultimate goal being a force of about 1500 points with some orcs, gobs, and ogres in the ranks to boost it up when i play larger battles.

A pleasure to meet you all.


Sounds awesome dude! Unit by unit is definitely the way to go!

Keep us informed as to your progress!



Unit by unit absolutely. Having painted 4,000 points worth of CD I wouldn’t recommend having piles to paint at once. It is quite demoralising.

Welcome aboard all.


Hi there,

Willmark asked me to join this forum, which I did, only to find out out my beloved username was already taken :mad

(these smilies are the best :P)…

Some people may already know me from chaosdwarf.com the hand of hashut where I post under the name Pulper.

Great site, glad to be here, already seen a lot of beautiful work, and I am amazed by the quality of the webzine!

Lets throw in another one of those smilies :cheers



Arakagaan Calasson:

Hi, I found this site looking for an insight into the word of the darker side of my chosen race. As a player with 3-4k of Dwarfs, I felt it was time to expand mine horizons a little and look at some other races. With ld10 heroes, cheap minions I can sacrifice, and the earthshaker (which I love to bits after one battle), I’m looking to make a small force of CDs at least.

My main force is lead by the semi-regenade dwarf Thorgrim Calasson, so I figured I’d make a sort of doppelganger for him… meet the regenade Chaos Dwarf Arakgaan (fluff will follow).


ooooh! 3 new members! welcome everyone, I’m glad you made it!

@ lamassu: have you seen Xander’s video tutorials? those might help with the BFSP dwarfs, unless you’re a pro converter! :wink:

@Sjoerdo… I guess you wanted Sjoerd? At first I thought you wanted my name! but you can’t have it, it’s mine :wink:

@Arakagaan: sounds like you’re in love <3 lol. glad you like your earthshaker, and it seems like a natural progression from Dwarfs to CDs!

I hope you all enjoy yourself here :slight_smile:


@Sjoerdo... I guess you wanted Sjoerd? At first I thought you wanted my name! but you can't have it, it's mine ;)

Close, but I wanted Pulper, as in Pulper Spikehead, one of the 3rd edition renegade chaos dwarfs.

My favourite Chaos Dwarf model :)


Ahh! the Chaos Dwarf sculpting master himself - I’m honoured :hat off Welcome Mr. Twisted Tales - you are a very famous guy among these forums. So glad to see that you have found us (with a little help from our (Jedi) Master - Willmark. Looking forward to hear/see your works :smiley:

Auretious Taak:

I must extend my welcome to the new members, lamassu, welcome aboard, you’re in much the same boat I am in, though I have a 4,000pt force of Orcs and Goblins to play with first so already have Black Orcs and some bolt throwers. :slight_smile: the old old Black Orcs from like 4th, the ones that were released with the Chaos Dwarfs themselves and that are now smaller then normal orcs, lol.

Sjoerdo, try rejoining and stick a space before or after the name of Pulper or maybe add a number or something amusing in the name, that could be closer to your preferred username wants. :slight_smile:

Arakagaan Calasson, 4k pts of Dwarfs? Try playing a pure Combat Based Dawrf Force, it’s horrendous how fast they can move when you do it properly, at some point we were gonna mess with a unit of like 50 hammerers with an oath stone ina single line, march em straight up the field and taunt away, lol. They ca’t be ignored, they are worth half the force in VP’s, lol! Just a suggestion for thje good dwarfs. That all said, Earthshakers really are cool, and if you use them not primarily to do damage but to slow opponents down, you can abuse your fast cavalry no end even more then usual.

Welcome aboard everyone,

Auretious Taak.

Kera foehunter:

OOOO no he knows willmark!!!

Well Sjoerdo  we can’t hold that against you lol

well i hope to see you around

Auretious Taak:

OOOO no he knows willmark!!!!!
Well Sjoerdo  we can't hold that against you lol
well i hope to see you around

Kera foehunter
Aww...for a moment I was hoping we'd be given the order to unleash our Sneaky Git assassins to dispatch the one with prior knowledge, I'll have to point them towards Arakagaan Calasson's Dwarfs instead, lol...

:hat off

Auretious Taak.


Yehaaa! I’m Malorn (real name is Pelle) and I’m 21 years old. I started playing orc’s & gobos 11 years ago with my big brother. Later came the Dark Elves back in around 2003. I have always hated the Chaos Dwarfs, until one day 5-6 years ago. I saw my brother paint the lamasu model and thought something like:

"Hmmfff… a little, fat, stubborn dwarf, with a huge nose, orc teeth, a curly black beard and an enormous hat…"

I then asked my brother for one good reason to paint a chaos dwarf. With love an enthusiasm he said:

"Are you kidding? It’s a little, fat, stubborn, evil, magic wielding tyrant, with this charismatic beard, vicious teeth, an enormous nose and an even bigger hat!"

Afterwards I spent 2 years rejecting my secret passion for them evil stunties. 3 years ago, i finally admitted that the rocked, but I didn’t realise, that I could actually get an army, before I saw some bfsp conversions. I’ll finish my Dark elfs first, but then the Dawi Zharr will be next in line.

I live in Denmark, I study animation and i paint then I’m in the mood. After 11 years of painting, I’m still a horrible painter. I have collected 2000 points miniatures, with an army I would feel like playing, so i just need a lot of time on my hands, which I do not have at the moment.

Auretious Taak:

I hear ya Malorn, why am I even posting I have assignment of utter doom to finish! I blame sarah and Tang, I mean Thang, it’s spelt the same after all! Ahem.

Welcome to the forum Malorn, great little place here, if you have any problems or need to be introduced to people, I hear Sojourn is great for those sorts of things. :wink:

Anyways, have fun and download the copies of the Online CDO Magazine hasut’s…Blessing I think it’s called, i can’t remember my mind is stuffed on evolutionary stuffs.

Auretious Taak.

Arakagaan Calasson:

My club doesn’t have much time, so I only play battles of over 1k about twice a year sadly. I have the models, but as for the games… :sick

Also, sneaky git assassins? The one really good thing about the regular dwarfs is their heores have about a 2+ armour save when in their pyjamas, let alone actually combat kitted.

I had my first battle on wednesday, earthshaker owned (I have had a lot of practice with using a grudge thrower in practically every Dwarf army I’ve ever used), and my only losses were the 5 bull centaurs who were unceremoniously torn apart by a wyvern (who wasn’t very pleased when its great shaman master got hit by a vast rock cannonball for some strange reason…)


Welcome Sjoerd, finally had the time to join up huh! :wink:

Hows the Jugger and Whirlwind doing!? :cheers


Welcome Sjoerd, finally had the time to join up huh! ;)

Hows the Jugger and Whirlwind doing!? :cheers

Hee Tim,

Thanks for the welcome.

The jugger is safely tucked away in airthight box in a vault on a secret location :)

The whirlwind is mowing the lawn as we speak, took some training though (boar centaurs are stubborn creatures)...


sjoerd- if you want access one of us admins can look into your pulper account it’s not a difficult thing to do.

Edit: just looked into it, not the same account apparently.


sjoerd- if you want access one of us admins can look into your pulper account it's not a difficult thing to do.

Edit: just looked into it, not the same account apparently.

Thanks for looking Willmark, but someone else already used the name Pulper, which means there are more Pulper Spikehead fans out there, which is a good thing!

I'm perfectly happy with my 'Sjoerdo' account.

What the heck, why not throw in another one of them beardy smilies



Hi I’m sammantha but you can call me sam, sammie, OR YOUR DOOM!

i was referred to this site by mt boyfriend, well ex-boiyfriend now, Ian (known on here as “asheira”)

I’m a proud elf enthusiast, though I love the chaos dwarfs! My brother Rick (RIP he dies last weekend) gave me his dogs of was modles, which has dwarfs in it for his chaos army, so thus i started up my army, though mine worshup slaneesh, not hashut… SORRY!

I have some painting skill when i try, but usualy I just get a basic painjob on my modles, unless it’s important. if it’s an important modle I usualy spend a week on it before I like it.

The centerpeice of my army is the hellcannon my brother gave me before he died, although it’s just an earthshaker in my army.

My only hope is to become all your friends and make everyone super happy. before i stab you in the back  JUST KIDDING!


HI SAMMIE!!! hugs her and then pulls the knife out of his back