[Archive] Iraon Daemon/Skullcracker thunderstomp


So it has d6 or 2d6 thunderstomp attacks from the grinding blades (like steamtank fluffwise)

but since this is called a thunderstomp does that mean if it gets into combat with cavalry or monstrous infantry it has NO possible attacks? or does it still grind?

nothing else in the game has thunderstomp but no regular attacks except the example of the steam tank grind…


Ruleswise it says “Which is treated exatly like a thunderstomp” and thunderstomp rules says it can only be used against Infantry, Swarm, and warbeasts.

So if it gets into combat with anything else it’s pretty much game over for iron daemon, unless it gets some outside help. Though, it’s usually game over for whatever it’s humping too, since T8 W8 with a 3+ save is really hard to remove.



basically if an iron daemon engages a unit of ogres you get 3 Str 3 attacks, That’s it.


hmm yeah we hose ruled it gets a grind… as looking at the model we could not stomach a jungle swarm killing it so easily (poison) lizardmen players ruling too


tenebre I am sorry to say that yes we are hosed royal like with those rules. On the other hand I really have to wag my finger at you, asking if we get grinds when the book clearly says thunderstomps. I understand fully your woes and I share them fully but we must play the rules as written and not try to find a way to edge out a benefit when there is not one. Folks belly ache about our army enough as it is with out gaming rules as written.

Thommy H:

Remember it gets Impact Hits if it charges (and doesn’t Thunderstomp). So the unit’s designed to have a big advantage if you switch on the boiler and ram it into someone, but if it gets bogged down in a protracted combat, it’s in trouble. Which is kind of what I’d expect from a train, to be honest.


only advantage i see from iron daemons is the gun varition, roll it up and shoot every turn and protect your flank with an unbreakable T8 warmachine.

Avoid combat. defend your flank.


I think the Iron Demon is a great and fun warmachine - that does require some tactical thought.

It’s a pretty tough machine. It can dish out some decent shooting and i can stop even big things in it’s tracks. It’s okay it can’t hurt the big stuff, it is a machine made for mining.

Devasting against small stuff. Hellbound it’s absolutely fantastic.

If it could also hurt the large stuff, it should be a lot more expensive.

I say play it as written or include something else in your army.