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The rules for the steam cannonade says that you roll to hit once the number of shots have been rolled for. In the first paragraph of the rules, it also says that it can move up to its M value and shoot without penalty. So, my question is:

Does the steam cannonade suffer from negative to hit penalties, such as moving and shooting, long range and so on? I’m assuming it does and I’ve been playing it as such (which basically means it never hits anything, as I’m hitting on 6’s most of the time).



If it says it can ignore moving penalties it says so. I don’t see what would be confusing?


Yep, you don’t have penalties for moving and shooting but yu do have penalties for long range, soft covert etc…

And it’s a good think 'cause you can fire 10shot S6 rending and multiple wound (D3) each! On shot of this weapon can take down monster infantry and big stuff like infernal wheel, abomination etc…

What are you thinking about iron deamon? He is tough but once he gets locked into combat with non-infantry unit…


Thanks for the replies. Indeed, it is tough but can easily be held up by a 100 point fast cavalry unit for a few turns (which has happened a couple of times). I deploy it after I’ve seen where his cavalry/beasts are so I can try to avoid these units and aim for his (preferably elite) infantry. I like it though, because it does seem balanced - it can do a lot of damage, but if my opponent can get to it quick enough it can also be neutralised. Plus of course, it’s a train, driven by chaos dwarfs! There’s not many cooler things than that.


Indeed, it is tough but can easily be held up by a 100 point fast cavalry unit for a few turns (which has happened a couple of times).
Not so easily if well played : it can charge with random move : no flee...
So, I find it not so easy to hold up...

Alan the evil:

ok… it’s not so easy to take in HtH combat… but war machine slam it down easily. and so spells with I test. and it also has only range 18", with not more than 10 hits with throw to hit and all penalty except for movement.

shoot usefull with cavalry and monstrous stuff but useless with infantry.

in HtH combat enough valid with infantry (but not resolutive) and useless with cavalry and mostrous stuff.

Slow or random movement.

Large target (always targetble)

265 pts for basic.

why use it???

IMHO second dreadquake or k’daii destroyer for those points


With W7 and T7, it’s not that easy for most warmachines to take it down. Cannons have an easier time taking wounds off it, but can’t destroy it in one go, and only empire and dwarfs have cannons. I’ve not suffered with any I-test spells yet so can’t comment, but only empire would have both cannons and spells to take it down…and they’ve got lots of squishy infantry.

It’s a very threatening target…opponents are scared of it (well, it does cause terror!) and go out of their way to get rid of it, allowing my other troops to move in, or leaving war machines to do more damage.

I’m not using the french GD list (just ‘bolting on’ forgeworld units to RH), so I don’t know how well it compares to other units. Where would i be able to get the french GD list anyway? Or is it illegal to do so (apologies for asking if so)?

Alan the evil:

I played GD french list many times.

I always choose for 1st rare choice a dreadquake and for 2nd

1- second dread

2- k’daii

3- iron daemon

iron daemon is 20 steps below.

Try it many many times in battle. And make your own idea…

That’s mine and I’m very sure of it


war machine slam it down easily.
and so spells with I test.
You are right, even if it can succeed it on a 1-2... Far better than a warmachine:)
Slow or random movement.
Movement 6. 12 in march move...
why use it???
IMHO second dreadquake or k'daii destroyer for those points
Right! But because of the model of course! Very nice model:)

Alan the evil:

Right! But because of the model of course! Very nice model

dreadquake with ogre has W6 T7... irondaemon W7 T7 for 90 pts more...
if I buy a rocket with this points I have 2 different war machine, 2 wounds more to suffer, 2 different shoots.
War machines (as: imperial cannon, runic dwarf cannon and stone thrower, chaos hellcannon, trabs, warpcannon, etc...) and spells slam it down easy AS the other war machine I have BUT in a unique model with shorter range and it must throw to hit.

a single I test failed is 265 pts lost.
and these kind of spell has range 24": usually iron daemon is more easily targetble than other war machine becasue of its short range (it MUST move to shoot to someone) .

If iron daemon march doesn't shoot...

My two cents