[Archive] Iron Demon WIP


My WiP iron demon :wink:


Looking good, can’t wait to see it painted


Nurglish and crazy, that’s why I like it. I would only shape better the greenstuff, now it look a little bit like Zimmerit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zimmerit

I would shape it more organic, like tentacles or veins. It’s not difficult with sausages of green stuff.

Also stripes of green stuff can emulate flesh and organic parts.

I love the smoke stack! Really steam punk :slight_smile:



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That’s an interesting job on multiple levels. The horrific (as in horror, not as in horrible) look to the sculpting job makes me sort of think of it as a haunted train engine. The horror of it would be on a completely different scale for my brother–he’s a train enthusiast and would cringe as the blasphemy of what you’ve done to this engine.


This is a GREAT conversion. Very original, and much, much cheaper than the FW version. Keep going, this is going to be great!