[Archive] Is anything known about the Flayed Rock?


It’s on maps of the Dark Lands, right on the other side of the Black Fortress. It’s not described in the wiki. It’s got a fancy name, but is there anything which GW has written about it?


there seriously needs to be more fluff about the CDs :slight_smile:


Can’t recall anything off hand, and it doesn’t even have an entry on Lexicanuum, so I think you’re free to invent your own fluff about it :slight_smile:

Time of Madness:

There’s some fluff entries in regards to Chaos dwarfs that mention Flayed Rock in 2nd edition (maybe 1st even?). As far as I know it is occupied by humans currently, or at least that’s where the fluff left off.

Flayed Rock

When the Chaos Dwarves were rebuilding Black Tower after the Ungol�?Ts reduced it to rubble, a slave revolt broke out, one that was put down after considerable bloodshed. After their will was broken the slaves surrendered, but the Chaos Dwarves were intent to make an example of them and the nearby Goblinoids that took advantage of the rebellion. The Chaos Dwarves took all the slaves and flayed the skin off of them while they were still alive, and they then took all of this flesh and marched to a large mound visible from Black Tower. There upon this rock they constructed a iron framework for a tower, but the walls were made of a giant canvass of layers of stitched preserved flesh torn from the bodies of the rebellious slaves.

This gruesome reminder is visible and due to the enchantments placed is still in as good condition as when it was constructed. After the Chaos Dwarves constructed it they left the Flayed Rock and returned to Black Tower. Recently however it is believed that some human has taken up residence in the tower at Flayed Rock. So far the Chaos Dwarves have not gotten around to investigating it, but they suspect the human is a practitioner of magic, either a daemonologist, necromancer, or a Chaos Sorcerer.

Time Madness


That’s a great find, Time of Madness! Ingenious fluff entry as well, very fitting for CDs. It deserves more attention.

Now, this conflict with the human Ungols is interesting. What I know about them from Kislev background is limited. Are there more fluff for the Ungols in the Dark Lands or beyond? Also, do you happen to have a source for the fluff? That’s all needed to turn it into a proper wiki entry. :slight_smile:

Time of Madness:

I had it saved on my computer believe it or not!

I belive it is from Tomb of Coruption which had a chaos dwarf supplement for WFRP. I believe GW produced it.

Time of Madness


Will add the above to our wiki ASAP.


You’re the men, ToM and Bloodbeard. :cheers

Tomb of Corruption. Are there many other fluff tidbits in there? They might be missing on the radar for most, including on the wiki. PM sent.

Time of Madness:

I actually don’t have the tomb of corruption. These were just fluff bits I had saved on my computer. I believe I found them on the internet. I’ll take a look tonight and do some online searches.

Time of MAdness


I have tome of corruption

At least I assume you mean tome of corruption

You say tomb but I haven’t heard of that book.

I will check it later today if you like.

Time of Madness:

It is most likely tome, I have no idea really. Just recall that is where I the fluff was located.

Time of Madness


Don’t search yourself ragged, ToM. I can hunt it down on my own if you don’t find it after a quick search. :slight_smile:


I found something in the tome of corruption from page 158 http://www.scribd.com/doc/30050156/WFRP-2ed-Tome-of-Corruption-en-eBook