[Archive] Is Hashut a daemon?!


Hi, a friend to me told me that Hashut is a khorne Daemon!

Is this true?

i know it has been discussed but i didn’t know it was official fluff.

Dervish Helldance:

As far as I know, there are several theories of what Hashut really are. One is that he was a Greater daemon of Khorne who became a rebel and was banished by Khorne, into the place where the Chaos Dwarfs found him.

Another one is that he is the spirit of a volcano.


Read the wiki: [[Hashut]]

Da Crusha:

Read the wiki: [[Hashut]]

wow that unpublished stuff is a pretty interesting read thanks for posting it cornixt, I would've never found it.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Already answered, but most of the theories on Hashut are exactly that: theories. There’s no official definite answer and they are largely fan-fluff ideas.


Hashut a demon? - Punish the heretic! :mad

These who offend our GOD(!) should burn! :hat



Our god ? :smiley: - I’ve always belived that Hashut was a simple renegade Bloodthister - a lesser daemon prince - and now I got proff :smiley:

Khorne and Nurgle has always been favoured by over deloved stunties - just read ‘the lost and the damned’ - and you’ll know, how right I am.

Burn, clam, burn :wink:


I like the fact ((Like so much other facts about the CD’s)) that Hashut is shrouded in the flames of mystery …

Only the CD’s know ! :hat


I see. Thank you very much evrybody, this have been very helpfull and intresting.


Aren’t even the socalled Chaos Gods only deamons which are just that powerfull that they cannot be summoned into the “real world”?


That is the general theory of all gods, even the elven and human ones. It will never be outright stated though.

We don’t even know if the Chaos Dwarfs themselves know the origin of Hashut, if there is even an origin any different to any of the big four.


I am pretty sure the chaos gods are the dark thoughts and evil ways of mortal beings taken form. They are emotions of moral beings incarnate. ie: bloodlust, decadence and lust, pestilence and change.



Fire. Horns. Evil.



And ofcourse the theory that hashut is father chaos himself. I like this one myself :stuck_out_tongue: