[Archive] is it me or


…is there a distinct lack of chaos dwarf auctions on ebay at the moment, i just checked and there are 7 uk and 25 worldwide including 5 crossbowmen (no crossbows) going for �28.00!!!. 290191678652

Has it reached its limit so that if you buy them it will be at more of a premium than normal or is it just a lull untill the new year when we will see hundreds of auctions

Kera foehunter:

well i found that its regular dwarfs too .Chaos dwarfs has been aways harded to find .but when you are looking for one type of piece your never find it or some jerk out bid you

Pyro Stick:

I dont really mind. Its not like i could afford any of it anyway. Im going to list a model soon so if you are desperate for a cd auction then bid on it!


I’ve noticed that auctions (of any kind) seem to tapper off at the end if the year. Could be that shipping is such a hassle and the chances of something getting lost are much greater.


There was a lull a while back as well, but it picked up again.

There is always a surge of activity when new people come along with a lot of money and decide they have to have the old CDs, then eventually they either get what they want or lose interest and normality returns (for a while).


wait till after x-mas. there will be a resuge garanteed.


People don’t like to buy just before xmas and many are a bit short on money this time of year, plus shipping takes a lot longer.

Pyro Stick:

So should i list my ‘Pro Painted’ chaos dwarf now or later?