[Archive] Is this a decent 2000 pts list?


Here is the army list and the deployment

lvl 4 Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer Lord with Chalice of Darkness and Powerstone  300 pts

Chaos Dwarf Hero BSB with Armor of Gazrakh  115 pts

lvl 2 Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer with 2 dispell scrolls  150 pts

lvl 2 Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer with Powerstone  125 pts

24 Chaos Dwarf Warriors with full command and a War banner   271 pts

17 Blunderbuss  204 pts

17 Blunderbuss  204 pts

20 Hobgoblins  40 pts

10 hobgoblins  20 pts

10 hobgoblins  20 pts

2 Bolt Throwers   60 pts

Death Rocket   80 pts

9 Black Orcs  117 pts

10 Sneaky Gits  50 pts

Earthshaker  110 pts

6 Bull Centaurs  126 pts

The Grey are my warriors with my sorcerer lord

the red ones are the Blunderbusses with sorcerers

green are the sneaky gits

white are the black orcs

blue are hob gobs

red calvary are bull centars

the artillery will be placed on hills if available, otherwise on flanks or where looks apropriate.

Please critique my list and my deployment.